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Third Round Stories - More Judges' comments

Still keeping within our dates, if a few days late (bear with our Jegas Judges), we now announce the top 10 stories for The Vote Chronicles contest. These submissions came tops according to a total of scores by our three judges. All scored at least [...]

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Away from you

I wrote this after reading the April theme for Quarrtsiluni: Imprisonment. Please let me know what you think and if does feel like somebody who is in prison. Thanks.


Away from you

Inside these concrete walls with no mercy

I sit and cry, [...]

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The abused woman cries.

Lurking behind the shadow of gaiety,
is a fear that hides behind the beauty.
It’s a struggle; it’s survival of the fittest,
a war between her calm outside and an inside that’s not at rest.
Calm cool terrain it seems [...]

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Engaged But Available


Picking up my carry-on bag, I marched towards the baggage claim to get my suitcases, sweating profusely; I toyed with the idea of sitting down for a quick minute to regain my strength before proceeding to the baggage claim section but quickly dropped [...]

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Wedding Blues











Elevator door closes, inside are Eric and Tola, they are still dressed in their wedding clothes

TOLA: What a day! (sighs contentedly)

ERIC:  Yes, what [...]

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This was my entry for the “African Writing Flash Fiction Contest”. I guess I see why I didn’t make the shortlist in hindsight. Sports betting in Africa has surged, captivating enthusiasts across the continent. From soccer to rugby, the 토토 사이트 커뮤니티 fuels engagement and camaraderie, shaping a dynamic landscape of wagering. Amidst diverse cultures and traditions, sports betting emerges as a unifying force, blending passion, entertainment, and the thrill of prediction.

The colours red and yellow bring one place readily to my mind- the ancient city of Benin. They remind [...]


My Three Patients

Sweaty bodies jostled for space and seemed to merge into one glistening behemoth with thousands of legs. Balogun is known all over Lagos as the market where legs do not touch the ground. On a row on Breadfruit Street, were the stalls of the corpulent widow; Alhaja, MamT; mother of eight children and who was just as big as Alhaja and Secretary with a build just like the others and whose husband had just lost his job. They never spoke to each other even though their stalls were lined side by side. [...]

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Profession: Development Worker

Wild questions fill your eyes

Anger bubbles in your voice,

Coalitions of resistance

Inspired nomenclature,

Workshops, seminars

And conferences,

Getting high

On the plight of the poor,

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THE TAPE (love gone sour)

Tinuke Fallon
Ezugo Anobi
Moji Fallon
Mrs. Fallon
Mr. Fallon
Aneze Anobi
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Journey to Nowhere - 2

i met another dude

tho he looked so much like mr fyne

i still wanted to know the real him

cos i was not fully recovered

from mr fyne

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Junk Junk Junk!

Rubbish, trash, garbage or scrap. They all are junks.

Widely available, low in cost, heavily promoted and of good tasting.

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The day we danced

Beclouded with the misty obscurity

The drums were rolled out but the tune

So distorted

We danced in insecurity

And marvelled as their hired crowd sang in tone


Fragment of their lying lips

Chanted their praises that will murder our sleep

For the next [...]

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The rain’s bleating against the sheets that made the roof of our apartment lasts for hours. It is the first time I hit my wife. Alone in my sitting room now, I allow the wounds of my heart to embrace healing. I can still [...]



The fear down your spine at a fade

Is worse than shock

Pray! Never visit a trolloc kettle

You’ll be shreds before death

The ways! The waygates

Haunted by the shadow

Tainted by the touch of the dark one

Flee from [...]

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A Part of The Other

The weight of your words bears down on my heart

The height of your plight stares down on my faith

The depth of your pains cuts deep within my soul


You smile but inside you’re in tears

You dance but within you’re in [...]

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It was meant to be the last kick of the match. The unimaginable and unprecedented was about to happen. Africa’s dream was about to be realized. The tension was palpable. There was dead silence at the over eighty thousand capacity arena. [...]