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  • THE WET CHILD (4): someone is in trouble o!
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Journey to Nowhere - 2

i met another dude

tho he looked so much like mr fyne

i still wanted to know the real him

cos i was not fully recovered

from mr fyne

i call him Mr. six packs

cos he had 6 packs

and was very well built

when we first met

he said hi

and i mouthed bye

i think he though i said hi

so he continued talking

and since i already said bye

i gave him no response

he suddenly got anrgy

and started usin a lot of funny words

most of the words were swear language

so i decided to stop a motorcycle

headed to the Palace of true discovery

twas my inquisitive mind at work dis time

i wanted to see what was at the palace of true discovery

when we got there

the gatekeeper opened the gates of opportunity

and i walked doen the path of hidden treasures

the path was so rough

i really wanted to turn back

but i really wanted to see what was in the palace also

on my way to the palace

i met Mr. growing up

i choose to call him that

cos he really was taking baby steps

and since there was no ipod or mp3 in the world i found maself

i just felt i could take those baby steps wiv him

at least i get to have company

with time we got talking

and he told me alot bout his travails

while journeyin thru the land of fantasy

i became so free with him

and we talked bout a lot of things

he told me the story of a particular person

and i got so interested

he talked like the person was his close friend

so i asked him to give me more details

and wen he told me more

i fell in love wit the person

we both took more steps to know this person

and in this person i found what i was looking for


with time we came closer to the palace of true discovery

and mr. growing up

told me how he felt bout me

sincerely at this point

i was already in love with Mr. growing up

so it didn’t take me before i told my new friend bout it

so my new friend gave me a go-ahead

and all i had to do was say yes

wen we got to the palace of true discovery

i met the king

and mr. growin up with me too

we became closer than ever and was almost inseparable

so the king invited us to a banquet at his table

i was to be dressed in royal attire

since some dignitaries would be present at the banquet

the seamstress came around to take ma measurement

and den she made a dress for me

i almost fainted when i saw  the dress

it was green in colour

the kind of green some people call amber green

it had some jewels on it

besides it was a topaz necklace

and a beaded slippers to where on my foot

some pearls were also on the dressing table

for me to use

i dressed up

and then i stepped out

my new found love was swept in awe

when he saw me walk down the stairs

he took my hand and led me to the banquet hall

the king was pleased to see me

and when he saw me

he told my new love to sit down

and then he introduced my newly found love properly to me

he called him

the man that fears the king with his whole heart

and the one assigned to be ma second half from heaven

then he opened my eyes to see what my newly found love truly looked like

he wore a robe of love

a cap of dignity

a belt of care

and a footwear of honor

he was truly wat i heard searched for all these years

indeed ma jorney to this unknown world proofed fruitful



but then i was snappe back to reality

by my fone’s unceasing beeping

and really i wished my journey to the palace of true discovery happened again

but since then i had a focus in mind

of what my mr. Growing up looked like

i have not met him yet

but the person he introduced to me in the trance(or wateva)

has really been revealed to me in reality

and he says to me

that he makes all things beautiful in his time


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