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Who killed Mrs Johnson



Martha hurriedly prepared her lovely three years old twin daughters, Irene and Maureen, for school that fateful Wednesday morning. She was late in getting up to bath them. As she put their lunch into their food basket, her husband Dapo came [...]

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I Speak Not of a Fish

I Speak Not of a Fish

It’s my occupation
I have to catch fish
My preoccupation
is the Tilapia, the salmon, the catfish
I need one so I could fix a nice dish Continue reading I Speak Not of a Fish


Cynosure, Hypocrisy, Rapacity, Inferiority, Scintilla of Scrupulosity

‘CYNOSURE lies in the depth of one’s mind and THE HYPOCRISY in one’s words.  THE RAPACITY created from the thoughts and actions of a person makes him demure, innocent, and blameless.  BUT IN INFERIORITY, one’s feelings and [...]

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It is my last night as a bachelor and I am drunk and dancing with all sorts of women. There are fat women, slim women, short women, tall women, fair women and dark women for me and my best men. The music is so [...]


The Nun is 80...

The Nun is 80
Its waves cool, its tides smooth
The wind forms its ripplets;
Aqueous beings form its bubblets
A river of clean water
My face cleansed by its surface
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Suicide is a Suicide, Or is it?

Okondu, a young man in his early thirties. Young indeed!

- “Age is an issue of the mind”, he has always proclaimed. “As a matter of fact, I feel like a young baby trapped in a 32 year old body”. And indeed, he tells [...]

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I am as drunk as hell. I can barely see where I am going; I stagger down the steps of the railway station, oblivious of the world, drowning in a sea of hopelessness and despair. I feel the bile rise to my mouth, I [...]

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Yes, she knifed a man at the throat and took his uniform. She needed to be a ghost. She sneaked into this well-developed area filled with blocks of houses. An irrigation project was ongoing, meant to give water to the people of these houses. [...]

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The Journal:

Things are not going very regularly around here for me. And I guess you think it’s a good thing since it definitely means something interesting is happening, but that’s not the case.

Far from it.

The sun still shines at [...]



If I say that I was not  scared, then I’ll probably be the biggest liar on earth. But then, as human nature would be, we always try to give plausible excuses for situations or events which we do not understand. In the end, we [...]

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Am Not Going to Cry

Some times as a writer Is difficult for me as a person To live up to what I write When I consider the problems Here and there facing me as person When life is seems is full of disappointment Your shelter dreams make you question why? [...]

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Land of dreams

‘Tu a ra ya aka…’

My mum’s sonorous voice finds me in the land of dreams. It nudges me to wake. I want to wake. I want to see her face. I want to see her eyes light up. Her furrowed brow when she [...]

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I can remember vividly the first time Nneoma came to me to tell me about Chinedu. I remember because it was about 2 a.m and I was fast asleep in my room when the touch of a small, cold hand on my leg woke [...]



At first, I knew who I was But as the times passed on, I became ashamed of who I am My mother is Chinese, My father is a Nigerian Who is a Chinese? Who is a Nigerian? And What am I? I can sense you feel my predicament by now I don’t know what to call myself [...]

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The Travails of an Ajuwaya

I woke up this morning not knowing what side of the bed I woke up on but all I know is that I had just woken up from a terrible nightmare. That had been the case with me for the past one and a [...]

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