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A Miracle for Daddy

Dear friends, I’m so excited to announce to you that my new book, A Miracle for Daddy is finally out! To show my deep appreciation for your supports and words of encouragement during the incubation stage, I will be giving out ten (10) pdf copies in exchange for honest, immediate, helpful and sincere feedback. Please … Continue reading A Miracle for Daddy

Revisiting The Caine Prize

Very recently, I stumbled on Tope Folarin’s ‘Miracle’, the award-winning Caine prize story for African writing for 2013. He happens to be the fourteenth winner of this prize. His story clinched the award among fine authors like Elnathan John, Abubakar Ibrahim and Chinelo Okparanta. This work of his is a fast-paced literary narrative that is exquisitely … Continue reading Revisiting The Caine Prize

Eating with Hymar: Two Poems for Dinner

I remember how satisfying it felt feeding on J.P Clark’s poem Ibadan back then in secondary school. Twenty words was all it took for the poem to gift my mind a first-class flight to that famed city. When I am presented with the opportunity to eat good poetry, I do so with relish, happy to … Continue reading Eating with Hymar: Two Poems for Dinner

“Taruwa Presents Ese Peters” Review

Tuesday 27 November 2012 was live! It was “Taruwa presents Ese Peters” Taruwa is a Hausa word which means ‘gathering’; it is a monthly event which gives artists a much needed stage for expression. On Taruwa Tuesdays, there are singers, instrumentalists, poets and spoken word artistes, actors, authors and dancers. Really, any form of art will … Continue reading “Taruwa Presents Ese Peters” Review

The Trouble with Nigeria: A Review I

The Trouble with Nigeria: A Review I

Author: Chinua Achebe Publisher: Fourth Dimension Publishing Co. Ltd Year of Publication: 1983 Chapters: 10 In presenting a review of The Trouble with Nigeria by Chinua Achebe, I do not imply that I have more competence than the author, an all time great writer of both fiction and non-fiction. This review is aimed at stressing … Continue reading The Trouble with Nigeria: A Review I