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The Binoculars

He watched from quite a distance as he had done time and again. His binoculars made his vision a lot more detailed than deprived. Closer than usual, his vision bore clarity and grace as his sight was blessed with a view never seen before [...]

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Efe stood with a hard resolve. His face hardened in determination as if he was afraid that a little freer, he would lose his decision. He looked around at his thatched hut. It was leaking in several places and made swimming (now impossible in [...]

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Cynosure, Hypocrisy, Rapacity, Inferiority, Scintilla of Scrupulosity

‘CYNOSURE lies in the depth of one’s mind and THE HYPOCRISY in one’s words.  THE RAPACITY created from the thoughts and actions of a person makes him demure, innocent, and blameless.  BUT IN INFERIORITY, one’s feelings and [...]

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It was two months into second semester in The University of Benin(Uniben). The new course time tables had already been mastered and the new courses themselves de-mystified. Lectures were at a dull stage and classes had become soporific. The initial fear of failure had [...]



The bullet whizzed past. It was so close she felt the heat. The target car was a distance away. They flew their best towards it, and shot back blindly trying their best to divert the attention of their assailants. It was not [...]

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The quest

Amechi was yet to fathom what gave him new strength that morning. He could barely stand or walk, the night before. He was tired, hungry, thirsty and needed a good rest for days, but that morning something was pushing him.

Those legs of his [...]

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I saw hell in the University of Benin when I went for Post University Matriculation Exam. I saw good things at first.Believe me. The first thing I noticed in Uniben were the girls. Jesus! Uniben girls were hot! I swear, they were all half- [...]


A Nightmarish Dilemma

Driving down from the island to the mainland was unusually crazy. Every other Friday, the human and vehicular traffic was more likely in the other direction – from the mainland to the island. The obvious reason, of course, was that night crawlers and revelers [...]

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The house on Maduna hills

There was a beautiful house on Maduna hills with unusual colors of red, blue, orange and purple. Canopy trees lined up the sides and shaded the house from the Kuki road, the longest road that cuts through our little town.

No one has even [...]

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Doom's Wing: Legend of Tellam

The Ultimate Revelation

THE story of Tellam got both Solom and Hamit that the night flew along and the fear of Dubanon faded in their thoughts. The night had flown into the midnight and the moon stared the earth boldly in the face. Cold [...]

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An Empty Doorway And A Maple Leaf

An Empty Doorway and A Maple Leaf are the names of the two little brats I inherited from aunt Morenike, my stupendously wealthy relative. Maple wasn’t a leaf but Aunty assured me she’s soothing and crisp like a glowing evening sun. Handle her with [...]

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 Dear editor, kindly correct that article with the false headline, ‘Mad Man Rapes Senator’s Wife in Public’. I have interviewed the suspect and here is the truth:

Until a week ago, Ikenna thought his lot in life was a rarity. As far as he [...]


She Must Live! (2)

A gust of cold wind lapped onto his face. He inserted his determined hands into his jean trouser pockets. Then, he gazed at the panoply of panoramic lights crossing themselves out into a huge ambience of hues, even as the traffic lights on amber [...]

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The honks from the taxi rose in a crescendo, causing a welter of pedestrians to move out of the way. Yes, they rose. And his heart was palpitating for his sister. His anxious eyes ran from her toes, the whole gamut of her twenty-three-year-old [...]

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Ravagers III - The Hunt for Noni

Chapter Three

They had been at the scene, had taken a look at the dead men’s injuries. The signs were unmistakable.

There were no proper clues, nothing to tell them if the attacker was a stranger or someone from the village. However, one of [...]

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