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Heaven or Hell

Dear Bride, Hell keeps pulling me left and right. I can’t leave you now. I want to be your lover. It entices me with so much of its pleasure. I love you so dearly. I can’t even think of trading you for the world. However, I’m stuck. I want to hit the ball into the … Continue reading Heaven or Hell

“Friendly Foes”

The drum of Injustice reverberates and resonates throughout our discordant, polygamy of a forced fusion. Our Leaders obsequiously hijack our collective heritage. Their perpetual obscurantism keep us in a motionless cycle The relay race of nationhood has been turned to a marathon. Partners of youthful blood are in Oblivion in the relay race. The liquid … Continue reading “Friendly Foes”

Indian Crush

She had eyes that glowed like The tongues of two lit candles Her voice sounded like symphony She danced like a swaying tree in the wind He asked her to be his Juliet but She seemed to know nothing about The love of Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare was a Riff-Raff before her Her skin shone … Continue reading Indian Crush

Smoke Until You Are Six Feet Under!

  Life, they say is a tale but oftentimes people forget it’s distorted. Smoking thwarted his destiny, it misled my brother, Segun.Jeffa was Segun’s best friend. They knew each other since secondary school. He was studying petroleum engineering but everything ended suddenly. Their first year in uni. was great. They were zealous and ambitious. They … Continue reading Smoke Until You Are Six Feet Under!

The Caucasian Lady’s Secret

The Caucasian Lady’s Secret

She goes to the stream to fetch water and all she can hear is, “Ọnye kọ bụ? Ọnye kọ bụ? Who is she?” She gracefully draws near to the steam. Drops her calabash pot also known as udu into the water and tries to listen to their conversation despite she doesn’t have a clue about … Continue reading The Caucasian Lady’s Secret


War, Pain, Hurt Fate, Death, I was caught This has left me more cuts Than I had ever thought. All of a sudden, a joy from within Battled all the hate I struggled with When everything in me was breaking And my heart was shaking Because my parents went through a divorce Could it have … Continue reading Family

Maale 2: The beginning of the End

    Hello, home away from home! At this point the slogan “there’s no place like home” did not apply to me. I was finally free and my joy knew no bounds. Most importantly, I was away from that woman I called Mother. Studying in a foreign land wasn’t as easy for me at all … Continue reading Maale 2: The beginning of the End

Bus 39a When Mama Came To Dublin (2)

contd… ‘…Mama please stop before people start focusing on us unnecessarily…’ ‘Let them focus on us inukwa! gini me? (what about it)… would we drop dead if they focus on us…? Since you moved over here with your husband you have become too quiet and accepting. Even to say what you see with your own … Continue reading Bus 39a When Mama Came To Dublin (2)

Bus 39a… When Mama Came To Dublin

‘Is that the bus we are supposed to enter?’ The elderly woman asked pointing a finger in the direction of some buses parked a few meters away. ‘Yes mama.’ A young woman beside her affirmed. ‘These up and down buses that look like two Ekene Dili Chukwu buses joined together…’ Said the older woman in … Continue reading Bus 39a… When Mama Came To Dublin

Madiba, World Will Never Forget

                                               MADIBA, WORLD WILL NEVER FORGET      On the 5th of December 2013 at exactly 20:50 GMT the news filtered in, first by social blogs and in just a matter of hours , … Continue reading Madiba, World Will Never Forget

Betrayals and Funerals – 24

I didn’t stop to consider my reaction as rude. It was something I couldn’t hold back…an instinctive reaction to a funny situation. My secret admirer was only a boy? Ha! Wait till Del heard this one. She’d laugh me right out of the room! “Ma’am…” He began. I paused in between laughs to catch my … Continue reading Betrayals and Funerals – 24

Betrayals and Funerals – 23

KEMI “Some folks are crazy. I mean seriously…did you see what that guy displayed in court? He lied under oath! It was so obvious! How could Judge Burton not see it?” I said as I exited the car. “Judge Burton is a seventy year old judge who chooses to see what he wants to see. … Continue reading Betrayals and Funerals – 23