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i liked the story because it had a very real feel while i read it... you did very well indeed... problem ...
Da Writing Engineer on THE END OF LOVE 1: BREAK UP
Myne, The narration is good and fluid. Was concerned about the dearth of conversations to keep the story alive but when ...
Da Writing Engineer on The very singular type of love
Chukwudum, I believe you watch football so i'll use a football analogy to explain the concept of style to you. ...
xikay on A Chat With Jude Dibia - BLACKBIRD (Plus Readers Giveaway)!
if i come across it with something in my wallet, I'll get seems to be promising.
Idoko Ojabo on I AM DAVID
Jay, you did a beautiful work of a priest/pastor... I wouldn't miss any sermon of yours if you preside over ...
Idoko Ojabo on I AM DAVID
Joy, you did a beautiful work of a priest/pastor... I wouldn't miss any sermon of yours if you preside over ...
Idoko Ojabo on THE END OF LOVE 1: BREAK UP
I like the narration... It is difficult to dislike your male character... It is good you kept off the reason ...
Idoko Ojabo on THE END OF LOVE 1: BREAK UP
I like the narration... It is difficult to dislike your male character... It is good you kept off the reason ...
Shope on Away from you
Your presentation of passion was vivid and intense. Good one. It didn't feel like being in a prison though.
Tola Odejayi on Engaged But Available
Chetachi, I found the story very engaging, especially Onyeka's attempt at toasting the MC. Well done. Do watch out for punctuation and ...

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If the rain from Heaven should fall can it wash away the pain?

Pain of my people

For many years we’ve heard your promises, none of which you fulfilled

Now you come to me with sacks of Gold

You want to buy my peoples vote

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As reveries come, this one was far-fetched...

face flag

A reverie is not always what it seems; sometimes it is real life hiding itself snug in your imaginations. So it was that after the revolution that ran through Tunisia, Egypt, Libya et al in 2011, the world began to take a second [...]

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we will live again

Bayo sank tiredly into the sofa in his bed-sitter. Thank God my break starts tomorrow, he thought. If the management of the plant where he worked had not so designed things that workers went on alternating one-week breaks he would have simply collapsed on [...]

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Niger Area

We grew thinking our tongues were inferior,

Schools still allow fines and punishment for usage…

Now, government complains of indigenous languages’ dearth.

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A cursed country I was born in
A furnished road was a trash bin
Mud carried by the feet of passers-by
Through the hardships, the nation dies

Unloved Nigeria, I deny you
I shall do everything to defy you

Nigeria [...]



Nigeria I hail thee

My beloved country I hail thee

Excellent in climate and luscious in beauty

With a sun to watch the day, a moon and the stars to guard the night

With plenty of rain to water the earth

Trees and grass to beautify its scene




In this land breathe the agbayas and oloshis and a race of minorities uncrushed tending ’placent to the ewedu and key positions they hold to uncherish to reverence Ogun, one of the Oloruns [...]



See how you loudly prattle
In a mishmash of assorted preambles
Your bulging belly, wrestle to be free
Your fickle smile threaten to flee
You prance around in garland of excess brocades
Waving your wand of stolen Naira, a temptous bait. Continue reading A NEW ANTHEM


The sun smiled with intense pride, a very hot afternoon. Outside, a hen basked on the carpet grass, together with two of her seven chicks. I think she was teaching them something. And they seemed to enjoy the weather.

I picked up a broken [...]

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happy sculptures

Melvin finished before every other person in the examination hall; he submitted his answer script and walked out of the class without looking back; as if he had just had a blazing row with everybody in the class. He didn’t wait to cross-examine his [...]

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Moving Machines

in this airport, pot bellies rule,

and lead the dance of boxed machines.

the boxes watch  and join the carnival

of lopsided fun. on and on, they dance
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She Must Live! (2)

A gust of cold wind lapped onto his face. He inserted his determined hands into his jean trouser pockets. Then, he gazed at the panoply of panoramic lights crossing themselves out into a huge ambience of hues, even as the traffic lights on amber [...]

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The honks from the taxi rose in a crescendo, causing a welter of pedestrians to move out of the way. Yes, they rose. And his heart was palpitating for his sister. His anxious eyes ran from her toes, the whole gamut of her twenty-three-year-old [...]

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Love in Gamawa (6)

“Get up!” I heard again and this time I looked up to see who it was. My vision was slightly blurred but the voice was unmistakable. It was Martins; he was pulling my right hand trying to drag me to my feet. He had [...]

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Love in Gamawa (4)

Quite Naturarily, the first thought on my mind was to flee. Unfortunately, there was only one window and a door in my room and both were no options at all as the two men ‘seemingly’ after my life were standing right in front of [...]

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