Elly Turtoe

Elly Turtoe believes reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. So if we have no writers, how do we exercise our minds? She loves to read and write and loves to promote the cause for a better reading culture.

"The Struggle"

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Jun 082011

Watching Uncle J.J lead the fight for resource control was how I prepared for the future. I had read a lot about Martin Luther King Jnr. but Uncle J.J personified [...]

Apr 122011

From this entry, I want to establish if the dialogue moved the plot forward, please if you spot any unnecessary dialogue, kindly point  it out. Thanking you all in anticipation. [...]

As reveries come, this one was far-fetched...

A reverie is not always what it seems; sometimes it is real life hiding itself snug in your imaginations. So it was that after the revolution that ran through Tunisia, [...]

Sep 242010

Efe’s left hand rubbed his neck as he convinced me to go for the competition, I spared his faded bIack jean a glance and returned my gaze to his face. “Efe [...]

Sep 042010

As writers description is one art we need to cultivate and colours are a great tool to use for description, i just thought to play with colours and ended up putting this write-up together. Have a pleasant read.

Sweet vibrant colours that’s what I will coat the woman in, the Pale Pink which dots her beautiful nails this will be used to denote her inherent humility. Humility- every woman’s beauty secret, humility beautifies in such an astounding manner because it shines from the inside and glows on the outside.

Her smile will inspire a rose shade of Pink, the kind that kisses her lips, this will encapsulate love, real women should symbolize love.

Aug 162010

No, hearts had to get broken, memories, promises, emotions, marriages, relationships, friendships, love, spirits, people, dreams, these also get broken.

Aug 112010

No, not Halima, the one that actually made me feel my teaching was making an impact. No, not her. Every day I sat like a zombie and watched as they [...]

Jul 262010

IT LIVES HERE TOO … I noticed it was living in our next door neighbour’s house before I realized it also lived in our very own house. Even though I [...]

Jul 172010

Author: Eddie Iroh Book:Without a Silver Spoon Word count: 250 words. Without a Silver Spoon stirred up in me a love for reading Nigerian books. My heart went out to [...]

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