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The Neglect Of History

A son of the repudiated brother Was given the mantle of leadership He tried to pacify his brothers But that, cost him his life Fourty-five years later A Descendant of the repudiated Became saddled with the Crown This time, by Divine Providence He also tried to placate his brothers He even abandoned his nuclear family … Continue reading The Neglect Of History

Beautiful Wings – 10

Episode 10. Enjoy!         The first thing Aisha felt when she woke up was the sharp pain coursing through her as she tried to rise from the bed. Her head felt heavy and she groaned when her legs felt like lead and the throbbing pain was coming from beneath her. The first … Continue reading Beautiful Wings – 10

Be Grateful!! Don’t Give Up!!

Be Grateful!! Don’t Give Up!!

I’ve been reading some amazing stories and things God has been doing in the lives of the people who are “incomplete” to the physical world but are totally complete in the spiritual. It saddens me to see so many people who were so complete physically but they never realised their purpose in life. I was … Continue reading Be Grateful!! Don’t Give Up!!


The mysteries of life untold, Is in the barcode of our blood, the DNA, the master craftsman designed it for a purpose, the puzzle of existence, as we are a broken chain, one human, one existence, one source. Begs us, look, seek and find, in question of ourselves, our being, our source, do we have … Continue reading Redemption

My View Concerning Premarital Sex in Relationship

I will have to say my mind concerning pre marital sex in relationships, I don’t care if it hurts you because the truth is a bitter pill to swallow in the world of lies. Why must sex be the basis of relationships? I know some of you will begin to give me some lame reasons … Continue reading My View Concerning Premarital Sex in Relationship


Boss Lady – Chapter Five

Rosie made her way past other commuters in the rowdy bus park back in her village. She had just returned from her trip to Benin and wasn’t particularly in a great mood. She transferred her purple box from her hand to her head in a bid to ease the weight. She had no idea what … Continue reading Boss Lady – Chapter Five

BLACK BIRD (Chapter 1a)

Cakes of concealer plastered on my face make me feel like a clown readied for a circus bit. Its a new world for me and so while the set designer and make up artist fly up and down trying to make it all perfect, I let my short life flash yet again. I beckoned on … Continue reading BLACK BIRD (Chapter 1a)