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Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Chickens (2)

If Amaziah had been asked to pick a compound for him to rescue his cock from, the very last compound he would have chosen would have been Chief Olowoparija’s. Simply put, he was the most obnoxious and arrogant person that he had ever come across. He was the kind of person who you should pray never to find having power over you, because he would never let you forget it. And unfortunately, because of his wealth – acquired, according to him, through the sweat of his brow – he did have a lot people needing favours from him quite often.

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Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Chickens (1)

It was the weekend, and Amaziah was relaxing in the living room of his flat. He leaned back in a well-worn armchair, cradled his hands behind his head and smiled a smile of deep contentment.

Life was good, indeed.

Just the other day, there was had been this dealer who had come into possession of a huge consignment of live fowls, and was anxious to dispose of them as quickly as possible, as he didn’t want the hassle of having to look after them. So he had ended up going downtown and selling them to the public at rock bottom prices, and

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Join the Queue

It was the early evening of what had been a sweltering hot Saturday. The last thing that Amaziah had wanted was to come down to the city centre - especially because he had been looking forward to a weekend of blissful indolence after a hard week at work. Unfortunately, an old friend had invited him to an social engagement, and after deftly dodging previous invitations, he had finally run out of excuses.

As it turned out, the event had been a bust -  it started late, and the food ran out before Amaziah could get a serving. Even worse, he had

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The Reluctant God

Amaziah eyed his bowl of fufu and vegetable soup with relish. After all, hadn’t he worked hard enough that day to deserve it? And the bonus was that Mama Iyabo was in a good mood today, so she had added two extra pieces of meat to his plate. He looked at the food again, and his mouth began to water.

“Hmm… it looks like God has buttered your bread today, not so?”

Amaziah looked up at the source of the remark with surprise. Who was interrupting his daydream?

A tall,

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