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The first time he kissed her it was from across the office.

She rubbed her engagement ring hard and was rewarded with a sparkle. Looking at it intensely she tried to conjure up Jide’s face but it was Banji’s visage that kept popping up. Banji the office jester, Banji who had been her friend since primary school…Banji who had smiled and said in response to her telling him she was about to marrying Jide, her present boyfriend; “You won’t marry Jide…but I won’t force you to change your mind. I’m a patient man…I waited this long. I can wait some more.”

He had walked away, leaving her trembling beside the photocopy machine. She looked up when she heard the door open to see him standing there looking at her. That was when he kissed her.

Not mouth to mouth as you would have thought; not only were they in the office (which wouldn’t have mattered anyway) but it was impossible at that distance. Or so she thought. The same way she had thought before then it was impossible to kiss someone with your eyes.

She met his and felt a rush of hot blood to her head; a rush that made her eyes mist over. She grabbed the machine for support as it spread all over her body. A dull tingling started in her breasts, they felt so heavy! Her thighs began to tremble…

“Are you okay, Lade?”

She started; she was breathing hard and her face felt hot. She knew she was flushed.

“I’m fine, thank you.” She told Bimpe who nodded and walked away. Looking back at Banji, she saw he was still standing there, a small smile on his face. He turned and went into his office.

She made up her mind.

written for the in-forum contest    ‘FIRST KISS’

Word count: 297

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