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Morning Dose

After several twitches, just when I had gotten a comfort spot on the front seat of the keke Marwa, he leapt suddenly in front of it, threatening to hit its windscreen with his side-handled baton.

‘’Park! Park! ’’, he yelled, gesticulating with so much [...]

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Grandpa's riddle

Fifteen-year-old Tunde Adeniyi had always heard of people window-shopping, but he never thought he would ever be doing it. Why should he? After all, his parents were rich and he usually got what he wanted, as long as he wasn’t greedy. But here they [...]

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A Blessed Call

A harmless phone call was all posterity used to keep me alive. Without that fated call, I’d either be six feet under the ground, if the grave digger wasn’t drunk beyond his analytical limit; or on the highway to the great beyond, if my [...]

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As reveries come, this one was far-fetched...

face flag

A reverie is not always what it seems; sometimes it is real life hiding itself snug in your imaginations. So it was that after the revolution that ran through Tunisia, Egypt, Libya et al in 2011, the world began to take a second [...]

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Dream come true

The summer sun peeped through the venetian blinds. A gentle breeze stirred quietly. There was serenity outside. The atmosphere seemed scented.

I smiled as I visualized myself in a different country, a brand new world!

As the furious Lagos sun burned me, I walked [...]

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Tito sprawled on the sofa of his lavishly furnished living room. He didn’t bargain to ever be this fatigued. It was the reason he resigned from his initial job to come settle himself with something less boring, not so financially comparable though but hey! [...]

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The U Turn

“Mommy, look at his big head”

Nothing was held sacred. Not even the head of a chief judge on a Sunday morning.The judge was going bald, sprinkles of white salted his temples dotting their way round to the tips where the hair stopped just [...]

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Dayo....: A short Short.


He saw her again, the same girl he’s seen in the bus every morning. He walked past her and went on to seat just on the adjacent row, 2 seats behind her. She had the same impeccable look than spoke tales of good [...]

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Falling is the last thing you feel…


Standing on this rooftop, the world is nothing but your chess-board. At least that is what it has been.

The wind in your hair, lazily burrowing furrows.

You look up at the sky, inhale deeply. You [...]



Swirl windy breeze of the morning from across the Atlantic caressed my face, a new dawn beckoned me, ‘bid your tide’ the water chorused in a trembling voice. Oh! What relieve at the nick of time. The weight gone, the joy of been alone, [...]

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Love Struck: 1

I had felt some eyes following me all day long. It was the kind of eyes that went right inside you and left you feeling all warm inside. The eyes followed me right into the bus.

It was long [...]

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I am lying face down on the cold tile in my one room apartment, trying hard to forget the pain I feel in my stomach. I let my thoughts wander back and forth, to the first day I met ufuoma and the day he [...]


My Life; My Choice

I was supposed to be angry but to my surprise, I was calm, too calm for my comfort. He did it again today. He came home late  and to make matters worse, he walked into the house with the airs [...]

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AS RUFUS HASSAN sat in the driver’s seat of the Mercedes e-class convertible, he still felt uncomfortable, worried though he was meant to be relaxed on the exotic chairs of the car. But he was scared, afraid of what destiny had in store for [...]



Can’t you see with your inner eyes that this man has change, Baba Deji?

Can’t you see the look of desperation in his eye and the thirst for power in his action?

What has he done to this sate in [...]