I love to read and write, predominantly horror and thriller stories. I'm currently studying for an MSc in Accounting and Information Systems in Kingston University, London. I am also interested in Martial Arts, Volleyball, Soccer and Music.


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Jun 042011

Something crazy I’m trying….     It is night. Not too cold or windy, and not too noisy either. Just the way I like it. I look up at the [...]

33   You have work to do. What kind of work?’ The one you have been doing you numbskull. You think your job is over? You still have not finished!!! [...]

24 “So we know that explosives were involved, right?” Jerry asked. “Yes,” James said. “It’s been confirmed, although there’s going to be some analysis.” Jerry nodded. They were still within [...]

Okay. The following is by no means complete. It was written by me, in a frenzy (as always) sometime last year. Stumbled across a writing prompt requesting me to do 500 words, and as usual, I exceeded the limit. Well, hope I entertain y’all, and maybe scare you in the process as well…..

Well, here goes nothing…..

Of Blood and War...

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May 022011

Reading Chimamanda Adichie’s ‘HALF OF A YELLOW SUN’ (which has been a brilliant book so far), has made me realize one thing: Nigeria, as a country, has not left the [...]

11   When he couldn’t cry anymore, Chike sat up. He felt an odd clarity now, like he’d cried everything out; his fears, his worries. She’d said he wouldn’t get [...]

Apr 252011

8 A strangled sound escaped Chike’s lips as he fell back on his ass. He scrambled backwards in a bid to get away, and he hit the table and chair [...]

Apr 212011

5   I am seriously going mad, Chike thought, shuffling backwards on his ass; he didn’t even notice he’d fallen to the floor. Then his hand struck the washing machine, [...]

Apr 192011

3   With the washing machine now doing its work, Chike took off his jacket, then brought out his novel. He’d been on the first story for about 2 weeks [...]

Apr 192011

1   Chike opened his eyes, and remained in bed until the rest of his body woke up. He looked at his window; the gap between his curtains told him [...]

Apr 132011

In Loving Memory of Ifeanyi Azuka ‘St. Fishie’ Churchill Adindu….   Yesterday I lost my closest friend, Yesterday I wanted time to end, I wonder if my heart will ever [...]

Falling is the last thing you feel…   Standing on this rooftop, the world is nothing but your chess-board. At least that is what it has been. The wind in [...]


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Mar 262011

It is dark, and it is quiet. Night-time has come, and here I am, walking home, tired, dejected, alone. Down this bush path I walk, in a bid to avoid [...]

Martial Arts. The Way of the Warrior. Ancient fighting arts that have been around for so long that the origin of most of them have become blurred. The ancient and [...]

Mar 092011

Schipol International Airport, Amsterdam . From above, the large sprawling expanse looked like a small city. A song by the popular rock band U2 came to mind as I looked [...]

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