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The Toilet Visitor

Recently, I’ve been frequenting the toilet, not because I wanted to ‘shit’ or ‘piss’ but because it was actually the one place I knew I could go where no body could hear or see me cry. My favorite place in the world. For those who do not know, my visiting days to the toilet began … Continue reading The Toilet Visitor


My First Kiss (Episode 7)

They started up the stairs, four of them, being the first group to finish the impromptu biology practical. Emeka had been greatly pleased when, in the biology laboratory, Mrs. Bassey had placed him in the same group as Kelechi Nzeh, the best biology student. Mrs. Bassey had described the practical as ‘the forerunner’; the main … Continue reading My First Kiss (Episode 7)


Loving Her Quiet Away: Ufuoma Otebele

She wrapped herself in purple clovers while white petals poured down like rain and covered the cloud we were in. A flowered circlet on her head, she turned slowly and her long yellow-chiffon-maxi dress swayed along with her carefully formed hips. And she laughed—giggling sounds that erupted from deep within her never before free essence. … Continue reading Loving Her Quiet Away: Ufuoma Otebele


Diaries of Mongidi (3) - The Choirmaster

Jane says she’s can’t find her menses Her words, they scattered my senses So much I jumbled my tenses… Quickly I gave her some money And said “Go fix your tummy I’m too young to be a daddy.” She says she can’t find her period This girl is just not serious I think she must … Continue reading Diaries of Mongidi (3) - The Choirmaster


My First Kiss (Episode 6)

Evans lay on his stomach, supporting both elbows on a pillow, while his hands held up the novel he had been reading. Having read all ink-marked paragraphs in the four hundred and two page novel, Evans knew the pages that offered a more detailed obscene adult content. His hands quickly made the search each time … Continue reading My First Kiss (Episode 6)