The Chat

The Chat

Who could think of relations? Just as the wind blow free is the wind really free? Floating with faces, with heads just like the sun with a million smiles how could you have thought of it sitting right beside each other that should start the cool off The truth can never be hidden, within lies … Continue reading The Chat


Propellers (Part 2 Of 2)

The Our Lady of Disciples students suddenly stopped laughing in sync. A moment’s silence – pregnant with disbelief – elapsed, before murmurs began bubbling amongst their numbers. They turned to one another curiously, wondering whether they had heard Tomisin’s response correctly. In all their years together, none of Tomisin’s colleagues could ever remember him agreeing … Continue reading Propellers (Part 2 Of 2)

The seven seas

The Seven Seas: Chapter Six

For the past six days everything looked normal. Except for the rising tension among the campers, and the warriors coming in every minute, what they are going to face out there is still partially unknown. The only thing they know is that their enemies are big people, and very strong, and to their own advantage … Continue reading The Seven Seas: Chapter Six