The beauty of time So powerful the sun reverence you So beautiful you adore yourself with stars You who was there before creation Though skeptical about the night But remember the splendor of stars Is only perceive at night Ask the owl, bat and the firefly Secret lovers know better Oh night! The confident of … Continue reading Night

Craving Hope

Craving Hope (XIV)

Weeks passed with agonizing slowness, during which Gabrielle and her children flew to the US to recuperate through therapy and a change of environment. Ifeoma seemed resentful, Ekene was confused, and Gabrielle was exhausted. Ifeoma resented Gabrielle for how quickly she ran into the arms of another man days after her husband’s death. The therapist … Continue reading Craving Hope (XIV)


Naija 2060: Season One Finale: For My Country (1)

Day: 8 Month: February Year: 2060 Time: 6:00PM Janet Umoh’s fingers raced across the thin keyboard as fast as she could push them. She grabbed a mug beside her and took a few gulps of the black coffee inside before setting it back down and continuing. How frigging hard is it to find this guy … Continue reading Naija 2060: Season One Finale: For My Country (1)


Diary of a Rogue Priest: How I Killed the Bishop

I can feel it in my nerves. Every part of my body is yelling ‘Liar! Liar.’ I can feel that Shiri has known about me. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have behaved that way last week. And she wouldn’t have switched off her phone on me. I am hoping she calls me, just but to tell me … Continue reading Diary of a Rogue Priest: How I Killed the Bishop