Submitting a new contribution

Submitting a new contribution

If you want to submit a contribution or post (which could be a story, a poem, an article or a memoir), do the following:

1. Ensure you are logged in to Naija Stories. (If you are not sure whether you are logged in, you can make sure by going to and logging in.)

2. Navigate to This will take you to the ‘Add New Post’ page.

3. Enter a descriptive title for your post in the title field. This is the field that has the text ‘Enter title here’. (See Picture 1 below.)

4. Enter the content of your post in the large content field below the title field. (See Picture 1 below.) When entering your content, please pay attention to the submission guidelines; if you do not follow the guidelines, your submission may be delayed or deleted.



Picture 1


5. Select a category for your post from the ‘Categories’ list to the right of the content field. Do not select ‘Uncategorized’.

6. Add descriptive tags to your post in the ‘Tags’ section below the ‘Categories’ list so that people can find your post more easily. In the field in the section, type in the tag you want to add, then click the ‘Add’ button next to it.

7. Click ‘Submit for Review’ if you are ready to submit your post. If you aren’t yet ready, click ‘Save Draft’


Note that as long as your story has not been published, you can still edit it, but by further editing, you may delay its publication.

After submitting your story, you can check if and when your story has been scheduled for publication by going here:

10 thoughts on “Submitting a new contribution” by Admin (@ogaoga)

  1. Profile photo of Distinguished
    Distinguished (@DistinguishedAnoke): Junior Writer - 1756 pts

    Please Admin, I will like to know if there is any limited or range of characters specification for an article submitted. Thanks.

  2. Profile photo of Admin
    Admin (@ogaoga): Head Wordsmith - 48404 pts

    Hello @distinguishedanoke,

    Sorry for the delayed reply.

    Please visit this link for guidelines on how to submit stories:

    If you have any further questions, please ensure that you have visited this page to see if there is an answer:

  3. Profile photo of manuel olivia
    manuel olivia (@oliveG): Beginner - 885 pts

    He jumped off the diving board into the swimming pool, and propelled himself like a fish with the speed of a speeding boat to the other end of the swimming pool and finally like a piece of paper hung himself in a floating manner, swimming is one of the things he knows how to do best and is always ranked first in the list of his hobbies except maybe when asked to to choose between swimming and Mrs yinka his sagged facial lover that is old enough to be his grandmother

  4. Profile photo of Ihunanya
    Ihunanya (@LONE): Writer - 7493 pts

    Please how do I upload an avatar to my story?

    1. Profile photo of Admin
      Admin (@ogaoga): Head Wordsmith - 48404 pts

      @lone, to upload a picture that is shown when your story is shown on the front page, use the ‘Set Featured Image’ link that is to the right of the main content field where you post your story.

      (If you are posting on a mobile phone, you will need to scroll down to after to main content field to see this link.)

  5. Profile photo of Inuwa Usman
    Inuwa Usman (@noble4d): Junior Writer - 1841 pts

    Haloo admin, pls a story of mine was published but I don’t know how to add new chapters.

    1. Profile photo of Admin
      Admin (@ogaoga): Head Wordsmith - 48404 pts

      @noble4d, once your story has been published, you cannot edit it directly.

      You can, however, submit new posts (just as you submitted the original story) and title those as additional chapters to the story.

  6. Profile photo of Chris Nwogu
    Chris Nwogu (@chrisnwogu): Junior Writer - 2549 pts

    Hello @ Admin please I want to delete one of post. How do I go about that? please help!!!

  7. Profile photo of Shonde Ismail Adeshina (SIA)
    Shonde Ismail Adeshina (SIA) (@Easylife32): Junior Writer - 1805 pts

    Hello admin, I’ve been trying to attach a picture to my post but It’s just not working. Pls how can I do that?

  8. Profile photo of Nwajiugo Chidozie (Dozie Xtopher)
    Nwajiugo Chidozie (Dozie Xtopher) (@NwajiugoChidozie): Junior Writer - 2078 pts

    Admin, how can i get my book to be published as E-Book just like the ones i saw in the E-BOOKS link above?

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