Advertise is committed to telling a range of Nigerian stories. Since 2010 we have provided readers and writers a platform to share and engage with Nigerian writing. With several successful writing contests under our belt, we have emerged the clear leader in organizing writing contests in Africa. Winners of our Independence Contest were featured on the BBC Webite’s Nigeria@50, and the Touch of Spice contest was sponsored by Worldreader, an international charity working to promote reading in developing countries.

With this mix of content and activities, Naija Stories is especially versatile, with a cosmopolitan and educated membership. Most of those who visit this website are working, middle-class, and with constant access to the internet and some of whom make purchases online.

The website currently has over 2000 members on our mailing list and an average of 1500 daily visits. On a monthly basis, the website registers an average of 50,000 page views and 25,000 unique visitors. In addition, our members are loyal and are active daily. We have an Alexa ranking of 59k and the country specific rank is frequently in the top 500.



Social Networks have become great vehicles for advertising, as they afford companies an audience of young upwardly mobile consumers, and potential customers for their brands. In the emerging global markets every organization needs an online presence that goes beyond owning a static web page, and this can be achieved through appropriate branding and outreach to target segments. Naija Stories provides an amazing space for you to achieve these goals. Our access is free to both registered users and visitors, guaranteeing maximum visibility for your brand.


Our various forms of advertising are as follows;

Banner Ads (150px and 300px Square or 728px horizontal )
Branded Online Writing Contests or Residential Workshops, Sponsored Call for Manuscripts, Print Ads in Anthology, etc
Press Releases – Events, Books Launches, etc
Book/Product Reviews or Spotlight Promo
Book/Product Giveaway and Contests
Author/Personality Profiles and Interviews
Event Coverage and Reviews
Social Media Campaigns- Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
Mailing List Blast

We offer competitive rates for different entry levels and packages starting from $50. These give value for your money, and there are easy payment methods in Nigeria, the UK or USA.

For more information and a made-to-order campaign, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]. We anticipate a mutually beneficial relationship with your company.


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