The Trial - Reminiscence

Anyone looking at the woman in the dock would immediately know that she was oblivious of what was going on around her. She stared blankly at the wall. Her name was Nana Clifford, a Nigerian with American citizenship and she was on trial for manslaughter in the state of California. Only six weeks ago she … Continue reading The Trial - Reminiscence

Thinking Bells

Thinking Bells

Singing Locks Reminiscent of past glory Music of late granulates meaning Forming the loudness present Contemporary times Rock bottom in taste A world in party Looking not ahead The lullabies rings Trouble overflows So, the wand casts a spell Hoping we all forget The meaning granulated Wrong or right Pick a muse and live on.

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Writing Prompt April 29 – At the Last Moment

The Winner of the last prompt is @fingerprints with 6 votes. Please contact [email protected] if you prefer N200 airtime. Your 1500 NS Points has already been credited to you. Today’s prompt is At the Last Moment Submit and vote from now until Sunday. Read the Complete Rules First, before submitting. Remember to rate other submissions if … Continue reading Writing Prompt April 29 – At the Last Moment