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Reliving Christmas

There were five of us that headed for the stream that hot afternoon. Mixed-raced Chibu, who came in from Abuja the week before – who would rather whistle strange-sounding tunes and giggle than participate when we argued at the top of our voices. But [...]

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A Nightmarish Dilemma

Driving down from the island to the mainland was unusually crazy. Every other Friday, the human and vehicular traffic was more likely in the other direction – from the mainland to the island. The obvious reason, of course, was that night crawlers and revelers [...]

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A Second Chance

Zainat laid stomach-down on her bed, watching a pornographic movie. It was about 11 a.m. that weekday. She had lectures that morning, but she did not feel that was as important as the meeting she had that evening. Her countenance depicted full concentration on [...]

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The voice in the eyes

I was seven years old, when I learned how not to be told

To politely say “no thank you”; to a cup of bubbly coke, so cold.

But aunty Hafsat kindly beckoned, so I searched for Mama’s opinion

Her smile was warm and friendly, [...]

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Born to Die

I am gazing aimlessly out of the window next to my bed, watching the heavens cry tears that I cannot. Memories flood my mind: a disturbingly dark mosaic of inadequacy, humiliation, neglect and malicious voices. The concerted effort with which all of these haunt [...]

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For Me, You and They

What keeps you sane?
What motivates you?
What makes you happy?
What gives you satisfaction?
Is all that enough?

What are your deepest fears?
Its been bad
Its been scary.

What is the essence of living?
Why do we have dreams,hopes and aspirations?
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Strapped heels, lacy corsets, g-strings, nude bras and perfumed bodies, all part of what was going to be the embodiment of the clubs tonight. Tara looked at her face in the mirror over and over again as she tried to figure out if the [...]

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Plot-driven stories vs. Character-driven stories

First published HERE

Yesterday, I had a rather interesting Internet chat with another writer friend based in Aberdeen. The chat was a spill-over from a text message he sent me earlier on during the week to comment on my new short story, [...]

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(A State of Temporary Madness)

My heart sings in songs of doubts
Asking questions in gypsy tongues
In spinning turns do my thoughts sing
As i ask me questions that Heaven says i do not seek.

The day i was born, She came in [...]


Road Safety (4)


The interior of the bank was a cool respite from the scorching heat outside. Sam walked to the water dispenser, gulped down three cups of blessedly cold water, and smacked his lips with pleasure. He felt good. He had [...]

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The sun smiled with intense pride, a very hot afternoon. Outside, a hen basked on the carpet grass, together with two of her seven chicks. I think she was teaching them something. And they seemed to enjoy the weather.

I picked up a broken [...]

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Long Before the Final Whistle


He never wanted to be Governor.  Providence, cloaked in the habiliments of strife between the sitting Governor and his much–favoured deputy, catapulted him to the front burner of the state’s political mish–mash. He had been the trusted, loyal and [...]

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He is known for his eye-catching big head. He proclaims it is filled with wooing lyrics and intellectualism… He calls himself ‘Sexy Johnson’, and claims to have a collection of accolades from many of his sexual encounters.

‘What are these accolades?’ some of Johnson’s [...]



It is my last night as a bachelor and I am drunk and dancing with all sorts of women. There are fat women, slim women, short women, tall women, fair women and dark women for me and my best men. The music is so [...]


When Writer Should not Dance

“Your works are aggressive always prompting readers to want to rebel, and do you think your readers will ever want to go that road? Why don’t you just entertain the minds of your writers, let them enjoy life and forget the sorrows wrong politics [...]

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