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I am a fisherman who idolizes fiction and fears God...

Jun 072011

You used to be a quiet catholic boy. You used to attend Mass everyday to your father’s disgust. My son, can you remember when you used to be an alter-boy [...]

A Weak Voice

Posted by Idoko Ojabo 53 views Poetry
May 272011

My tongue can’t speak your languages My skin has betrayed me All I have is my pen I suffer the torment raining in my heart I long for the rain [...]

4 It was her legs encircling him in an act of intercourse. It was his waist jerking unstoppably. It was her call for his jerks to accelerate. It was Ozoemena [...]

May 242011

2 Can’t you remember me…? I’m your brother, Nurse Kandibe. I have been treating your wounds since they brought you back from Lagos. Ah… You have developed what the white [...]

May 242011

1 Ozoemena did not consider himself an Igbo man. Every man he called an Igbo man behaved like his late father in one way or the other. He had hated [...]


Posted by Idoko Ojabo 144 views Fiction
May 062011

I flew into Nigeria from New Zealand a few days ago. It had been a while since I had been in the country. I had been brooding over the decision [...]

The April 29th edition of Bookjam which took place at the Silverbird mall in Abuja was so interesting. It started with a debate about publishing rights. The argument that caught [...]

May 032011

It was every corps member’s wish to be posted to MMC. It was horrible when I saw my posting. I was to serve as a secondary school teacher in a [...]

Apr 152011

The rain’s bleating against the sheets that made the roof of our apartment lasts for hours. It is the first time I hit my wife. Alone in my sitting room [...]

Mar 242011

Her complexion was the most attractive feature that caught my eyes when I got to the park. Her hips were so curvy that the act of fornication started pouring into [...]


Posted by Idoko Ojabo 42 views Fiction, Flash
Mar 092011

Syn is tailing the taxi carting his mother and his brother. The taxi driver seems an expert in penetrating through the hold-ups. Syn is trying so hard not to lose [...]

Mar 092011

He was the one who tore me off from the clique of decent girls on campus. He was the one who first touched my secret places. While on campus I [...]

Mar 062011

Your body just glows against the wind Glows gently against the night I watch you sleep wondering what ferments beneath the brows Is it the heaps of a family forecast [...]

Feb 272011

He is known for his eye-catching big head. He proclaims it is filled with wooing lyrics and intellectualism… He calls himself ‘Sexy Johnson’, and claims to have a collection of [...]

It is my last night as a bachelor and I am drunk and dancing with all sorts of women. There are fat women, slim women, short women, tall women, fair [...]

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