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You Are My All In All

You came into my life and changed me

You helped me to see why you made me

You made me realize that with I in you and you in me…we could change the World

You opened my eyes to see past where I am [...]

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I’m ready for your warmth
I’m ready for your embraced

I’m ready for you to call my name
I’m ready for you to whisper sweet somethings in my ear

I’m ready for your hugs and kisses
I’m ready for you to call me your [...]


He Loves Me. He Loves Me Not.

He loves me. He loves me not.

He loves me.
He hits me.
An apology.
A split lip.
Bleeding forehead.
More wilting roses.
A candle-lit dinner.
A back-hand slap.
A soft kiss.
He loves me.

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“Target moving west along Marina on foot, heading towards UBA House”

“Roger that. Perterside, approach Broad Street from Tinubu, see if you can cut her off “

“Yes sir”

Criminal Investigative Detective Obi wiped the sweat off his forehead with a handkerchief that did [...]

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I have a new job.

I’m so excited I wake up every morning singing at the top of my lungs. I have two weeks to prepare for my new found adventure at Jade Consult. Tomi thought I was kidding when I told him I [...]

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Rain is the 4th planet in the odious circuit; it is one of earth like planets that orbit an adult sun with a 14 planet solar system. Its distance of about five thousand light years from our home planet earth made it unattractive for [...]

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The Reluctant God

Amaziah eyed his bowl of fufu and vegetable soup with relish. After all, hadn’t he worked hard enough that day to deserve it? And the bonus was that Mama Iyabo was in a good mood today, so she had added two extra pieces of [...]

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Rose woke up to the sound of the shrill alarm. She groaned, asking herself for the umpteenth time why she didn’t simply replace the blasted alarm clock with one that wasn’t made to startle the dead. She reached over and turned it off without [...]

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O, I love her
I love her like a fresh scar
I love her like a rotten egg
And daily, freedom from her, I beg

I love her bright morning smiles
I love the woes, that daily, she piles
I love how she strongly [...]

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Entice me
Into your will,
Like a spider does a fly….

Beguile me
With your words,
Your eyes and you sensuous smile….

Excite me
Into passions
And heedless abandon….

Capture my senses,
And imprison me in pleasure.
Then Release me,
Into bliss. Download [...]

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Chronicles of a Fairy Godsister

For the love of children…

The beginning and end of this article should have been, ‘LAGOS IS CHAOTIC’! Gosh!! I love the Fairy Godfather et al but sometimes I wonder if he created Lagos just for his own amusement. I also wonder what he [...]

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Candid Confessions

Do not put your arms
around me
and strill call me sister;
I’m afraid
you’re spoiling it
for us.

It twitches in me
as it twitches in you,
that sums up not
the whole matter:
it soon multiplies
and send down
the sparks;
and [...]

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A Wake up Call

arise oh ye slumbering gaints arise
arise and become whom you are arise
you are the son of a king, arise my hero’s arise
you are a heir to the throne of justice, freedom, arise
you are a heir to the throne of love, [...]

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Out of the Blues

He staggered and I looked on. He was drunk and I know .He was dripping of sweat and it was obvious. Wine, he has gotten a full of it. I know how it feels to get drunk because I have been there. The scene [...]

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Song of Success

Do not get halfway and stop.
Move on, till you reach the top.
All those who have reached the top can tell
That if you push on, you too can excel.

You may stumble now and then, or err,
But, friend, [...]

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