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  • I AM DAVID: Lovely story, but don't be in a hurry to push that button to submit. Take time to read it over,...
  • BURN THE MALLAM: Nice one. There's actually nothing wrong with setting stories in real places, it doesn't mean what happened was real, but...
  • The Winner is Declared!: Congratulations People!!! You all deserve it!!
  • The Winner is Declared!: Wow! Congratulations Yejide! Cartwheels for you, Raymond! Cheerleading for you, Dr. Write! And to Gboyega, you rock! Fred, the man,you...
  • Butterflies in my Stomach: Nice story. I just want to point out that punctuations usually come within the speech quotes. Also brush up your...
  • Inspiration: Yanni's music can be so surreal, this is a fitting tribute.
  • THE WET CHILD (1): Also waiting for more. You probably logged in the story at over 2500 and that was why it was split....
  • The Winner is Declared!: Congrats to all the winners! It was a pleasure reading all those stories.
  • Butterflies in my Stomach: Very nice! Abroad- the magical word for some people...
  • BURN THE MALLAM: I liked this and its very apt for the situation in some northern states now.Good one! Thumbs up!

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