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Falling is the last thing you feel…


Standing on this rooftop, the world is nothing but your chess-board. At least that is what it has been.

The wind in your hair, lazily burrowing furrows.

You look up at the sky, inhale deeply. You [...]


the rejects

“How did I get here?” The man asked himself. He was in the middle of nowhere, a very busy market. One which he was sure he had never been before. All he could remember was that he blinked his eyes and he was right [...]

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Just before the bullet found its mark, Remi had a flashback of the flash bang and Lade squeezing her eyes shut before squeezing the trigger. She hadn’t thought Lade would have the guts to shoot when Lade returned. Where had she found the [...]

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The bullet whizzed past. It was so close she felt the heat. The target car was a distance away. They flew their best towards it, and shot back blindly trying their best to divert the attention of their assailants. It was not [...]

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Wild Riches

He felt it. Something told him everything was not right. What was it?

He slowed his pace and checked his watch.


He looked right and left.

Except for a group of three night crawlers, the entire street was in the transitory stage [...]

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Nefisa's Plight

Nefisa did a slight skip as a soft breeze whispered across her cheeks and played briefly with some loose strands of her hair. Lightning flashed behind some clouds seconds before she heard a muffled rumble of thunder. The rich conversation she’d just had with [...]

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Suicide is a Suicide, Or is it?

Okondu, a young man in his early thirties. Young indeed!

- “Age is an issue of the mind”, he has always proclaimed. “As a matter of fact, I feel like a young baby trapped in a 32 year old body”. And indeed, he tells [...]

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I am as drunk as hell. I can barely see where I am going; I stagger down the steps of the railway station, oblivious of the world, drowning in a sea of hopelessness and despair. I feel the bile rise to my mouth, I [...]

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Loving Her To Death (Chapter 5, 6 and conclusion)

Two can play that game

Bimbo drove into the parking lot of the governors’ lodge, her mind on red alert. She had giving much thought to what Sola told her, and tried to equate what she had learnt with her husband’s demeanour of late. [...]

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Checkpoint (6)


Nasiru had been quiet throughout the shooting, up until now, eerily calm inside even as he saw what had appeared before them all. He wasn’t one to give in to fear. He couldn’t explain it, his lack of fear. He had always been [...]

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Loving You To Death (chapter 2-4)


Balogun Kasim pulled into his expansive compound and parked the car near the entrance; he did not want to wake the entire household. Once again, he was grateful for his foresight in installing a new remote controlled security gate, there was no need [...]

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Loving you to Death (chapter 1)

Contract killer

The big black Mercedes crawled lazily through the night-ridden street, bypassing cars of diverse make packed along a single lane potholed street. It was late, at about 1pm, a time when most of Lagos lay a’ slumber.

With the usual power outage [...]

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Checkpoint (5)


The gun-smoke hung in the air, stinging Reginald’s nostrils. He looked, saw Femi dusting himself off. Chike was the one who had been screaming; now he was whimpering. Femi tapped him, told him, “Shut up.” Chike managed to get himself under [...]

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I look at the man screaming at my feet, my prisoner. I grin as he groans in pain. You might wonder why he groans in pain. I have just chopped off his errant legs, his hands will be next.  He is [...]


Checkpoint (4)


“C’mon help me up!”

Reginald moved over, ignoring the painful chorus his body was singing and grabbed Femi’s hand, pulling him upright. He tried to ignore the screaming which, together with the snarling and growling seemed like a perverted form of thematic music. [...]

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