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The Infant

http://www.opustjkwrites.com At first when he heard it,he thought he was still dreaming. It was loud,almost as loud as the thunder and rain outside. “Can you hear that..sounds like a baby?”Gloria whispered into his ear. The warmth of her naked  body made the notion of getting out of bed to investigate the noise a very dull … Continue reading The Infant

Craving Hope (X)

Ike hailed a cab and gave his Achara Layout address. He had left a note and a duplicate key for Gabrielle to meet him at his apartment that evening to discuss what he had learned from her grandmother. He slipped into the back seat of the cab and let his head rest against the headrest. … Continue reading Craving Hope (X)

Craving Hope (IX)

Ike sat back down. “Chikwado had twins; two girls, identical.” “Two children?” “Gabrielle and another. Two little girls exactly alike. Rosie took Gabrielle and the other…” “Gabrielle has an identical twin.” Ike whispered. “Yes.” “Did anyone else know this?” “No.” Mrs Aku closed her eyes and shook her head. “Nobody knew there was a second … Continue reading Craving Hope (IX)

Craving Hope (VII)

Ike switched off the computer and rolled his chair back from the desk. He glanced at the clock and realized that the room was almost empty; it was nearing midnight. He had been reading for six hours, and now knew more about the Rosenfeld murder investigation than he had ever dreamed possible. Newspapers articles had … Continue reading Craving Hope (VII)

Craving Hope (VI)

Ike came in from a game of basketball and headed straight for the refrigerator, pulled out a can of beer and downed a long drink. The exercise hadn’t done its job, it hadn’t eradicated his visit to the Rosenfeld house from his mind. It wasn’t his thing to get associated with murder suspects, but then, … Continue reading Craving Hope (VI)

Craving Hope (III)

Gabrielle Rosenfeld was being taken to a holding room as Ubaka and Ike completed the arrest report. Reporters screamed questions from the entrance door, and flashlights went off like fireworks in the dark as she made her way through the information mongers. The station sergeant shut the connecting doors after she had moved on, cutting … Continue reading Craving Hope (III)

I Am Talented (I)

I woke that morning feeling like a child who had just received a measure of honey on his palm and the honey was already dripping down his fingers. I have a wonderful voice; I do not need anyone to assure me. My friends never tire of letting me know, though. But what I’m truly concerned … Continue reading I Am Talented (I)