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The Russian Connection (16): The Hunting Party

Year: 2042 Month: July Day: 27 Location:  Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center – Richmond, Virginia The Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center had been one of the leading hospitals in the country, before the nuclear holocaust.  When the war broke out, the U.S government made it a priority to prevent attempted attacks on any nationally important … Continue reading The Russian Connection (16): The Hunting Party


…finally,we arrive at the age-old argument – nature vs nature” Omolara stated solemnly. “Are we subject to the coding’s of our DNA or are we a function of the the things we have,seen,heard,felt,our environment…our experiences?” She said,pausing for effect. “Its all pointless really. Nature or nurture,we are not just who we are or who we … Continue reading Omolara


The mysteries of life untold, Is in the barcode of our blood, the DNA, the master craftsman designed it for a purpose, the puzzle of existence, as we are a broken chain, one human, one existence, one source. Begs us, look, seek and find, in question of ourselves, our being, our source, do we have … Continue reading Redemption


Prologue   Papa led me down the dusty path, pulling my hand as he went. From the corner of my eyes, I could see with the help of the dim light proffered by the crickets in the bushes that we had just passed Mama Osarodion’s Akara stall which stood almost at the outskirt of the … Continue reading FATAL ATTRACTION: The Prologue

Wura’s Woodin Adventures (The Aso-Ebi Chronicles, Novella 2)

  I finally published the 2nd novella in my detective/romance series called The Aso-Ebi Chronicles.  It’s called Wura’s Woodin Adventures, and I thought I’d share it with you guys. Here’s the summary, followed by links to download and read this free e-book:

The House At The Hilltop

We walked off the street into the bush that led up the hill. I had last seen Chris around this bush, not knowing he had escaped under Vincent’s watch. Here I am helping Vincent to catch Chris before the Kapol discover the escape. The house we were going to was up the hill and it … Continue reading The House At The Hilltop

Demons On Church Street: Episode Eleven

“Alright Tola, it’s time to take stock and know if we’re any closer to catching this killer or killers.” Adam said rolling the white board marker between his fingers. He was standing in his office, in front of a whiteboard. The case was becoming fuzzy and trying to solve three murders at the same time … Continue reading Demons On Church Street: Episode Eleven

Paul’s Dream in a Palindrome

Paul’s Dream in a Palindrome

“Nurses run!” “Murder for a jar of red rum.” “Peep! Peep! Peep!” “Goddamn mad dog.” “Peep! Peep!” Mr. Paul Asukwu startled out of slumber. He has been having sleepless nights; so much was on his mind. The company he works in is giving ground to automation and his wife is in her first round…. Paul … Continue reading Paul’s Dream in a Palindrome

Stay in Berlin: Part 7 (FINAL)

The words they wrote to each other bound them together more tightly than ever before.  These letters bridged the physical distance between these two people and without realizing it, each fell deeper and deeper in love with the other. Remi woke up with Olisa on her mind every morning and Olisa’s mind was filled with … Continue reading Stay in Berlin: Part 7 (FINAL)

The Piano Book: Part 3 (Final)

  “You can play it on the piano then.”  He did not say this like he was urging me.  It was more like a command that he expected me to obey. Motioning for me to follow him, he led the way to the half-opened door that led to the music room.  As he pushed the … Continue reading The Piano Book: Part 3 (Final)