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Writing Guide


1. Entries to Naija Stories must be either set in Nigeria or about Nigerians living in other places. These characters should be the major ones in the story but other characters could be from anywhere.

2. All the stories must be the original work of the writer, please do not copy another writer’s work, Nigerian or otherwise. In the world of writing, plagiarism is not easily forgiven.

3. While non-fiction is allowed, it must be a story such a memoir or how events have impacted on you or other people personally. Opinion articles on current affairs and politics are not allowed except on request.

4. We encourage you to post these in the discussion board or Forums - http://www.naijastories.com/forums/


5. The minimum word count for submission of fiction, non-fiction and short stories is 500 words and the maximum is 2,500. Posts longer than the maximum limit will be divided into continuing parts. If your story is less than 750 words, please categorise as ‘Flash’.

6. Poetry submissions must not be more than 1,500 words. Entries less than 75 words must be submitted together with another poem otherwise they will not be published.


7. All members are contributors and can post stories to the site. Please endeavor to polish your entry as much as possible with regards to grammar, paragraphing, punctuation, etc.

8. After posting, if you still need to work on your entry, please save as draft. When you are sure the story is ready for publication, then SUBMIT FOR REVIEW. From June, stories posted as draft will not be published.

9. It will take sometime after you have submitted your story to when it will appear on the site. This time will be between 6hours to 2 days depending on the number of entries on the review queue. Please we ask for your patience and understanding.

10. Once a story is published, you will not be able to edit it further unless by a request to Admin.

11. If your story will not be published, you will receive a notice from the Admin within 24 hours citing the reasons for the decision.

12. Only writers with up to 10 stories and/or who have shown their commitment to the site and/or are Admins or officers on the Facebook page have author privileges and can publish their own stories whenever they are ready and edit them afterwards.

13. While members with Author privileges can add pictures, images, video, etc to their submissions, others can contact Admin for temporary privileges when they want to add such. You can also send an email to admin at [email protected] with the attachment and instruction on which post you want it added to.

14. Submitted stories that do not meet these writing guides or have been rejected for other reasons will only be kept on the site for one week. After that they will be trashed and deleted. If you need to copy them to another location or edit for resubmission, please do that within this period.


15. You may tag your story with whatever tag you feel adequately describes it and would help others find it. It is not mandatory to tag your story; however, we encourage you to do so in order that other people can find it more easily.

16. Do not add more than 5 tags per story. In addition, please do not use misleading or offensive tags.

17. If you want to have your bio on all your stories, fill in your dashboard profile completely including the space for Nicknames, First and Last name and About Yourself. The entry for your biography is what shows up beside your tag at the bottom of your posts.


18. Categories are for the type and genre of your submission. Please tick the relevant categories for your story, at least one category for the type - Fiction, Non-Fiction, Drama(Play) or Poetry. To get the widest exposure, you should add at least one genre and at most three - Chick Lit, Adventure, Fantasy, Suspense, Romance, Supernatural etc.

19. Please do not add any further categories without Admin consent. However if you want any particular category to be added, do not hesitate to contact Admin.


20. Comments especially from writers should be of highest quality. Constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated, as feedback on their plotting, characterization, storyline, etc that help writers to improve. While comments will never be deleted, points will be deducted from members who consistently leave only one-liners, such as bravo or Love it!.

More guidelines will be added as and when necessary. Thanks.

Suggestions or complaints will always be replied at [email protected].