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Where oppression is king ...

A baby roams the streets
Hawking worthless wares
She’s dizzy in the heat
The sun has scorched her bare

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Admiral John Bull (The End)

Continued from -Admiral John Bull (2/3)

During the weeks that followed, Uncle began opening up to me about the operations of LAND. For the first time he also criticized diaspora activists. “You can’t sit down over there in obodo oyinbo and begin to talk about the issues that people in creeks are facing. When I heard you were coming over, I was pleased. You must acquaint yourself with the raw politics of the struggle. It’s not your fault, that you are elite. In fact I commend you for coming down here to get

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Admiral John Bull (2/3)

continued from Admiral John Bull 1/3

It must have been past midday when I woke up to the knock on my door. I shouted to the person to come in, as I made an attempt to get out of my bed.  I thought it was Abel, instead a girl a lot younger than Abel walked in, she was dressed like she had just come back from church “Good Afternoon Aunty, Uncle said I should call you�? she swayed and played with her fingers as she talked.

“Is he downstairs?�?

“Yes, he is in the big parlour�?

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Admiral John Bull (1/3)

The fleet of cars parked around the trimmed green compound would have been enough to stupefy me, but then came the AK-47-clutching guards that paraded the compound; this left me without words. One of the AK-47-clutchers opened the car door to let me out, and gave me the most unmoving salutation.  I purposely ignored the greeting, and carried on admiring the shapeliness of the red ixora hedges.  I hadn’t breathed in the beauty of the compound to my satisfaction before I was whisked off into the house. A bare-chested adolescent boy trailed behind

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