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I was angry, as I sipped my way out of the swamp. I was totally useless, unneeded. Even my own peers didn’t care that I was attempting suicide. Can you imagine? This anger, made me crawl faster though. It made me want to be [...]


Mary's Home


She opened her eyes gently. It’s morning again. She gently turned to face the alarm by her bedside. 10:00AM. She smiled as she suddenly remembered today is Saturday and the kids were at Grandma’s. She looked at her husband who was still [...]

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The house on Maduna hills

There was a beautiful house on Maduna hills with unusual colors of red, blue, orange and purple. Canopy trees lined up the sides and shaded the house from the Kuki road, the longest road that cuts through our little town.

No one has even [...]

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Doom's Wing: Legend of Tellam

The Ultimate Revelation

THE story of Tellam got both Solom and Hamit that the night flew along and the fear of Dubanon faded in their thoughts. The night had flown into the midnight and the moon stared the earth boldly in the face. Cold [...]

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An Empty Doorway And A Maple Leaf

An Empty Doorway and A Maple Leaf are the names of the two little brats I inherited from aunt Morenike, my stupendously wealthy relative. Maple wasn’t a leaf but Aunty assured me she’s soothing and crisp like a glowing evening sun. Handle her with [...]

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Here, I wait, holding back my hands from touching Kourtney because she would not be touched.

I’d touched her yesterday like never before, fingering her every parts, thumbing away on her board till my fingers went numb.

Today, she sits in a corner on [...]

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Get Your 'Browsing Cheats' Here

Our Internet Lifestyle:
Our pleasure for Internet freedom and lifestyle all started some four years back when mobile web browsing was just a novel experience and mobile broadband a non-existing idea. Have you ever come to think of the factor that gave a [...]

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Poem To My Unknown Love

Looking out my window
somehow i know
that you’re there
far away but near
a face among the crowd
held high and proud
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Ravagers III - The Hunt for Noni

Chapter Three

They had been at the scene, had taken a look at the dead men’s injuries. The signs were unmistakable.

There were no proper clues, nothing to tell them if the attacker was a stranger or someone from the village. However, one of [...]

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Love in Gamawa (6)

“Get up!” I heard again and this time I looked up to see who it was. My vision was slightly blurred but the voice was unmistakable. It was Martins; he was pulling my right hand trying to drag me to my feet. He had [...]

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Yes, she knifed a man at the throat and took his uniform. She needed to be a ghost. She sneaked into this well-developed area filled with blocks of houses. An irrigation project was ongoing, meant to give water to the people of these houses. [...]

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My Christmas and the Boredom.

I could quite take my memory back to the Christmas of 2009. The unusual thing that happened was that I never celebrated the birth of Jesus at the church with other saints. I thought this would come as a relief of the activities that [...]

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Love in Gamawa (5)

At first I did not know what to do. Who could be banging on my door at that time of the night and what could be the cause of the running foot steps I heard earlier.
The first thought that came to my [...]

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Ravagers II – The Drinker

Chapter Two

The road to the stream was a long, winding one. There was a shorter path, but it went through the thick, forbidding Ukwe forest. Noni thought to herself that it was not yet so dark, though the sun was fast retreating. Besides, [...]

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The Ravagers I - Night of the Takers

There were many of them dancing in the moonlight that cool night. The soft yet pumping beat of the drums, the lilt of the flutes, were skilful in drawing the feet to skip and to thump on the sandy, shifty ground.

She chose to [...]

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