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HAPPY HOLS! (Episode Three)

  Photo credit: horrorland (silent night) Both girls sat with glum expressions on their faces; the note lay on the table with the TV remote placed on it to keep it from moving. As much as Judy wanted to say, “I told you so”, she could not bring herself to. The victorious feeling she had … Continue reading HAPPY HOLS! (Episode Three)

HAPPY HOLS! (Episode Two)

Photo credit: horror land (silent night) “I said I’m coming, do you want to break down the door?” Judy queried angrily in a loud voice as she made for the front door completely aware it was neither her mother nor her father; it was just 3:15pm. She made a rough guess that it would be … Continue reading HAPPY HOLS! (Episode Two)

HAPPY HOLS! (Episode One)  

Photo credit: horrorland (silent night) “Happy hols!” the deep gruff voice of the big-bellied principal echoed from the large speakers as the school children gleefully and clumsily made their way to the school bus with so much speed as though a second wasted would leave them trapped in school for eternity. “One at a time”, … Continue reading HAPPY HOLS! (Episode One)  

My Santa Claus

My Santa Claus! I whispered, saliva suddenly drying off my throat. I forced myself to breath so I could fully comprehend what was happening. You won’t blame me for forgetting how to breathe for a second after I explain how I got into this perplexed state of extreme shock that has threatened to burst my … Continue reading My Santa Claus

The Day I Will Never Forget, Episode 7: Father Christmas, Miss Agbo and That English Composition

READ EPISODES 1 – 6 One week to our final exams, Miss Agbo came to class with an air of importance, and made the following announcement: “Children, the composition you will write for your final exams is ‘The Day I Will Never Forget.’ ” To make things interesting, she added a caveat: not only would … Continue reading The Day I Will Never Forget, Episode 7: Father Christmas, Miss Agbo and That English Composition

The Dilemma (part three)

A Christmas carol that came blasting from the patient’s radio woke me up. I groaned as i sat up to stretch my limbs. I looked around confused at first. Then gradually as i recalled the events of the night before it hit me hard. ” Damn!! ” I exclaimed. This didn’t just happen.What on earth would i … Continue reading The Dilemma (part three)