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i liked the story because it had a very real feel while i read it... you did very well indeed... problem ...
Da Writing Engineer on THE END OF LOVE 1: BREAK UP
Myne, The narration is good and fluid. Was concerned about the dearth of conversations to keep the story alive but when ...
Da Writing Engineer on The very singular type of love
Chukwudum, I believe you watch football so i'll use a football analogy to explain the concept of style to you. ...
xikay on A Chat With Jude Dibia - BLACKBIRD (Plus Readers Giveaway)!
if i come across it with something in my wallet, I'll get seems to be promising.
Idoko Ojabo on I AM DAVID
Jay, you did a beautiful work of a priest/pastor... I wouldn't miss any sermon of yours if you preside over ...
Idoko Ojabo on I AM DAVID
Joy, you did a beautiful work of a priest/pastor... I wouldn't miss any sermon of yours if you preside over ...
Idoko Ojabo on THE END OF LOVE 1: BREAK UP
I like the narration... It is difficult to dislike your male character... It is good you kept off the reason ...
Idoko Ojabo on THE END OF LOVE 1: BREAK UP
I like the narration... It is difficult to dislike your male character... It is good you kept off the reason ...
Shope on Away from you
Your presentation of passion was vivid and intense. Good one. It didn't feel like being in a prison though.
Tola Odejayi on Engaged But Available
Chetachi, I found the story very engaging, especially Onyeka's attempt at toasting the MC. Well done. Do watch out for punctuation and ...

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Engaged But Available


Picking up my carry-on bag, I marched towards the baggage claim to get my suitcases, sweating profusely; I toyed with the idea of sitting down for a quick minute to regain my strength before proceeding to the baggage claim section but quickly dropped [...]

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In five long minutes, I had a glimpse of what it was like to be the chairman of the country’s Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), as the voice on the other line threw me into a web of confusion.

“My love,” It came out in [...]


Love awakened

It all happened one cold evening; the evening breeze came through the window, lifting the window blinds half way up. The autumn leaves below rustled loudly. I could feel the cold on my skin, there was goose bumps all over. I really wanted [...]

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Pornography:The silent addiction

Alero: Guess what dropped off Frank’s pocket on our way home yesterday?
Sam: Lots of Christian tracts.
Alero: Nop, try again!
Sam: Ally, I don’t have time for unrewarding conversations this evening just tell me what it was; I have to redeem time because the days are evil?

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You may kiss the Bride... muah

I hate weddings.

Not the institution but the ceremonies built around it.

I mean, the first miracle Jesus ever performed was at a wedding…and that should have sent a signal to humanity that no matter how hard people try, something would always go wrong at [...]

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One of Us

Hi, my name is Frank and I’m gay. I know it sounds terribly weird introducing myself this way but I have come to the realization that the more I say it, the better my chances of accepting it.

I have always been gay. In [...]

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Short poems in A-minor

WHEN WE ARE BUTTERFLIES….The soft pattering of an evening autumn shower A soothing prelude to my lover’s entrance whilst waiting, I deign a dip in the memories of still lingering touches And drown when you leave me [...]

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He was the one who tore me off from the clique of decent girls on campus. He was the one who first touched my secret places. While on campus I was part of a clique of girls that vowed to remain virgins till marriage. [...]


The Face Of Betrayal.

If I hadn’t gone out on that fateful Sunday afternoon

If I hadn’t seen you on the road, stranded and asking for directions

If I hadn’t decided to help you find your way

If I hadn’t exchanged numbers with you

If I hadn’t gone into a relationship with you

If I hadn’t agreed to marry you

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my hiv love



Three years ago, while I was on the staff of an NGO that worked on HIV/AIDS programmes, I attended a Behaviour Change Communication workshop in Awka, Anambra State . It was my first BCC workshop.

During the lunch break [...]


Okon 2



The bus rolled to a stop, cutting off the spontaneous religious singing that had engulfed the bus as a result of a successful ministerial trip to the rental units next door.

All eyes turned to gaze at Okon, who now stood [...]

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Naija Tales from Los Angeles: Open and Close

Naija Tales from Los Angeles is fiction set in the city of Los Angeles, in the state of California, USA. The characters in the stories are members of the resident or transient Nigerian and African communities scattered throughout the city. The second instalment was [...]

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Where is the Love?

Where is the love? The bible defines love as patient, kind, not envious, not proud, amongst others (1 cor 13:1-8). How many relationships apply this definition in reality? Today, most relationships use love as a justification for sex instead of the words lust or [...]

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Cries of a Virgin

There are many men that have passed through my life but none hurt more than the last. He was caring and sensitive; he held my hands and always remembered to ask how my day went. I thought he was a god-send, I thought he [...]

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Bottled bundle...

I find the spot that hurts I soothe her with a smile and a dosage of that elixir: laughter…Though I enjoy this solitude and seeming freedom I possess, I know I would have been better off with that special someone by my side, with my every-woman respecting me and caring for my general well-being. [...]

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