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I definitely can express myself better writing. I have been reading since I was a toddler and started writing while I was in Secondary School in Nigeria. I am a junkie for novels especially books by Robin cook, Mary Higgins Clark etc. I am glad to find this site and hope to get some constructive, deep and critical review on my write-ups. Please stop by and check it out ok. thanks. Shalom!

Never say Never – CHAPTER 2

“Hey pretty, how are you this morning?” my nemesis greeted cheerily. Feigning surprise, I looked up. “Hey Ejike, good morning and how are you?” I came out of the car, dreading the idea of walking to the building with him. We both work for a small scale drug company, SONAGE DRUGS. He is one of … Continue reading Never say Never – CHAPTER 2

Never Say Never – CHAPTER 1

An excerpt from a book I am working on. Its still under construction so criticisms, corrections and suggestions are highly welcome..with love:)   I groaned at the shrieking sound of my alarm clock. I hate that annoying sound and have been meaning to change it but just never got around to doing it. I only … Continue reading Never Say Never – CHAPTER 1