I definitely can express myself better writing. I have been reading since I was a toddler and started writing while I was in Secondary School in Nigeria. I am a junkie for novels especially books by Robin cook, Mary Higgins Clark etc. I am glad to find this site and hope to get some constructive, deep and critical review on my write-ups. Please stop by and check it out ok. thanks. Shalom!

Mama's Visit

Posted by chetachi 144 views Fiction, Mainstream
Jun 072011

This story was inspired from several stories heard from folks about their lives and I spinned the flicks into what you are getting. Hope you enjoy it. Damilola hurriedly laid [...]

Apr 302011

After all the hugs and greetings, we headed home and I was very happy to see Chris. On our way back home to my Aunty Ada’s place, we were stopped [...]

Apr 172011

  Picking up my carry-on bag, I marched towards the baggage claim to get my suitcases, sweating profusely; I toyed with the idea of sitting down for a quick minute [...]

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