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i liked the story because it had a very real feel while i read it... you did very well indeed... problem ...
Da Writing Engineer on THE END OF LOVE 1: BREAK UP
Myne, The narration is good and fluid. Was concerned about the dearth of conversations to keep the story alive but when ...
Da Writing Engineer on The very singular type of love
Chukwudum, I believe you watch football so i'll use a football analogy to explain the concept of style to you. ...
xikay on A Chat With Jude Dibia - BLACKBIRD (Plus Readers Giveaway)!
if i come across it with something in my wallet, I'll get seems to be promising.
Idoko Ojabo on I AM DAVID
Jay, you did a beautiful work of a priest/pastor... I wouldn't miss any sermon of yours if you preside over ...
Idoko Ojabo on I AM DAVID
Joy, you did a beautiful work of a priest/pastor... I wouldn't miss any sermon of yours if you preside over ...
Idoko Ojabo on THE END OF LOVE 1: BREAK UP
I like the narration... It is difficult to dislike your male character... It is good you kept off the reason ...
Idoko Ojabo on THE END OF LOVE 1: BREAK UP
I like the narration... It is difficult to dislike your male character... It is good you kept off the reason ...
Shope on Away from you
Your presentation of passion was vivid and intense. Good one. It didn't feel like being in a prison though.
Tola Odejayi on Engaged But Available
Chetachi, I found the story very engaging, especially Onyeka's attempt at toasting the MC. Well done. Do watch out for punctuation and ...

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In Loving Memory of Ifeanyi Azuka ‘St. Fishie’ Churchill Adindu….


Yesterday I lost my closest friend,

Yesterday I wanted time to end,

I wonder if my heart will ever mend,

I just let you slip away…

-Lost Prophets=4. a.m. Forever



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(For those who lost their loved ones during the biafran war )


Where am I

Where have I gone

I ask the vacuum

That vims ‘round me

And the three sets of footprints


To the dry mud



Short poems in A-minor

WHEN WE ARE BUTTERFLIES….The soft pattering of an evening autumn shower A soothing prelude to my lover’s entrance whilst waiting, I deign a dip in the memories of still lingering touches And drown when you leave me [...]

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The colour of the day was red. Red is also the colour for tragedies-and of blood spilt all over the bathroom floor. How fitting. St. Valentine’s day-love’s day and tragedy, and folly all rolled in one.
The day started like any other, Joké [...]

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Hadiza's day

Hadiza was recovering from her crying bout with shuddering sighs when a voice boomed in her ear. ‘Get out of the bus!’ She turned to look behind her so fast that her head spun. What was she thinking? She thought to herself. She was in the back seat for heaven’s sake. She turned to look front when she heard the same voice again. ‘The bus…get out of the bus!’ [...]

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The girl ran down the street, her breath rasping in her throat. Her chest was burning and her legs hurt but she did not stop. She wanted to see with her eyes what her classmate had told her.
It could not be true. [...]



I am as drunk as hell. I can barely see where I am going; I stagger down the steps of the railway station, oblivious of the world, drowning in a sea of hopelessness and despair. I feel the bile rise to my mouth, I [...]

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Bottled bundle...

I find the spot that hurts I soothe her with a smile and a dosage of that elixir: laughter…Though I enjoy this solitude and seeming freedom I possess, I know I would have been better off with that special someone by my side, with my every-woman respecting me and caring for my general well-being. [...]

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It’s not often the word or deeds It’s not the gift or talk Being there shows what’s need As that becomes a remembered haven How can we understand the comfort? A touch and crying together says all How so much we bring forth Being a shoulder to lean on [...]


Love in Gamawa (6)

“Get up!” I heard again and this time I looked up to see who it was. My vision was slightly blurred but the voice was unmistakable. It was Martins; he was pulling my right hand trying to drag me to my feet. He had [...]

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A Woman's Ode to Loss

You have come again I know there’s going to be pain Have you come to please Or to tease? - [...]

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Breathing Again!

He could hear her voice as he slowly ascended the stairs, asking the kids to be seated for breakfast. He knew she’d be home even though he hadn’t been able to reach her via phone. She turned off her phone whenever she didn’t want [...]

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You have just closed your eyes in sleep — a different kind of sleep, and then you hear someone calling your name and you find yourself slowly slipping to the other side. But you are still hearing your loved ones, raising their voices to a feverish pitch. They are saying something that sounds like an unbroken string of mono syllabic words ; you recognize it as the tongues of angels, the tongues of mystery. This mysterious language is broken up by fierce , passionate singing and deafening clapping: “He has promised he will never fail”, the song goes , but you are going and they still continue praying and singing, singing and praying, voices hoarse, tears streaming down. But then you go. It is final. You have gone. [...]


The unforgotten

They are the ones that linger They are the ones that visit our dreams They are the ones that remind us of what’s missing at Christmas They are the ones we stretch our imagination wondering what life would be like if they were here They are the ones with chapters that we will never get the chance to read [...]

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SELFISH ME (Heb 13 v 1-3) I give myself to the world freely All I know and do for free I find my comfort in helping all But who buys my bubbling calls? [...]


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