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Without Notice

Early ’93

My name is Tito. I am the smallest girl on the street, too tiny for my age. I am ten. I’m also the worst tomboy—I don’t weave my hair; don’t wear skirts; hate the kitchen and don’t play hand games. I love [...]

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Cross Roads

We approached the senate floor, a crowd of sweaty students dressed in our night clothes, armed with tree branches and leaves, singing our aluta songs,”…solidarity forever/ solidarity forever/ we shall always fight for our rights!”

Our entrance into the senate building was forced, and [...]

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I am pregnant.

For a married man.

There, I’ve said it, out loud for all to hear. For every individual I have ever met to have their fill; raining curses and abuses on me.

For my mother to weep and ask “Why Temitope? Why?” [...]

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Double Trouble

“Koko, are you listening to me?” asked Atim as she realized that her cousin had not responded to anything she had said to her in the last few minutes. Looking up she noticed the faraway look in Koko’s eyes and panicked “Koko, is it [...]

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I can see clearly now…the storm is over

After suffering blisters and bruises

Healing is finally taking its course

However the scars remain, the pain has not been forgotten

But they serve as a memorial…there’s no going back

I now can face today, [...]


Chronicles of a Fairy Godsister

For the love of children…

The beginning and end of this article should have been, ‘LAGOS IS CHAOTIC’! Gosh!! I love the Fairy Godfather et al but sometimes I wonder if he created Lagos just for his own amusement. I also wonder what he [...]

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Candid Confessions

Do not put your arms
around me
and strill call me sister;
I’m afraid
you’re spoiling it
for us.

It twitches in me
as it twitches in you,
that sums up not
the whole matter:
it soon multiplies
and send down
the sparks;
and [...]

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A Wake up Call

arise oh ye slumbering gaints arise
arise and become whom you are arise
you are the son of a king, arise my hero’s arise
you are a heir to the throne of justice, freedom, arise
you are a heir to the throne of love, [...]

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Out of the Blues

He staggered and I looked on. He was drunk and I know .He was dripping of sweat and it was obvious. Wine, he has gotten a full of it. I know how it feels to get drunk because I have been there. The scene [...]

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Song of Success

Do not get halfway and stop.
Move on, till you reach the top.
All those who have reached the top can tell
That if you push on, you too can excel.

You may stumble now and then, or err,
But, friend, [...]

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The children were gathered around a small square wooden table located at the center of the room. The room was poorly lit; the only source of the light was a lit candle placed in the middle of the only other table [...]



She says she is leaving you, not coming back ever. But all you can do now is stare at her breasts, or at the blouse that covers them. Breasts you know are encased in a brassiere you bought for her last month. Last month [...]

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It’s the 7th again
The anniversary of pain
When in the heat of emotion
We ignited the flame
Though we were warned
We refused to heed
Now, a thousand years later
We are slaves to our greed.

It’s the 7th again
The anniversary of [...]

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Kaito made sure he had the two addresses his family gave him. One was for Abuda who left for America 12 years ago. The other was for Kamalu who had been gone for only three years and was studying at the University of Quentin. [...]

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Am I one of them?

Turai Allah buttered my bread. I was married off to Ayuba Khalifah, the son of the commercial trader Alhaji Jibril Khalifah and his third wife, Alhaja Atikah Khalifah. I was very excited about marrying him because all my friends had been married off before [...]

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