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chika winifred eneanya on Come Mr Rushlow sir
you are right xikay! he is like her teacher, she puts him in high esteem, he is definitely more experienced ...
chika winifred eneanya on Come Mr Rushlow sir
Mr Rushlow is a gentleman, british, scholarly, underneath all that politeness and knowledge is a very naughty man.......;) a webcam is ...
chika winifred eneanya on Come Mr Rushlow sir
hi Idoko thanks! the name? i just wanted a name that would descibe this british character(i envisioned in my head), ...
Tola Odejayi on Critiques, Who needs those?
As you probably know, the matter of harsh criticism has been discussed here already: But to a few points in ...
Sydney Francis on Chimamanda Adichie @ Debonair Bookshop
Wow!!!! Your report is lucid and captivating. When I close my eyes i see the whole event in my mind's ...

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Paradise Found

I’m lost in thrills now,

Only her knows how.


I’m not in a daze,

Thoughts leave me haze.

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I’m falling

Deeper and deeper

Faster than ever before

I know where this is going

Yet I fight

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Enigmatic Variations

Trust has caused many hurt, Distrust, much more pain. Love breaks, yet mends, Hate breaks, crushes and ravages beyond reason. Courage might leave scars, Cowardice, an incurable wound. [...]

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To Dad. Wherever he is.

The fear ‘n your face, that I may never get your riddle, yet exposed the urge in your heart. No healthier spring could nurture love’s floret. ‘Love, son’ you said, ‘is the ability of someone to take someone else’s bullet’. [...]

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Short poems in A-minor

WHEN WE ARE BUTTERFLIES….The soft pattering of an evening autumn shower A soothing prelude to my lover’s entrance whilst waiting, I deign a dip in the memories of still lingering touches And drown when you leave me [...]

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My Brother and I

I woke to the sound of mother’s wail. which relative had died again?’ I wondered. Mother’s wail always had to do with relatives which we could hardly recall or ones we didn’t know. She’d start by saying, when one [...]

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The day I saw the world.

On the day that I saw the world. For the first time, frightening, I so feeble, So wide and big and filled with people. I, weeping for the loss of the cocoon that shielded, They, rejoicing for the gain of a one so awaited. [...]

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I’m simple, I crush

Minutes tickled, I watched with joy Our conversation, the first I could not understand Not the first, but a first. Where is my thought? My crush! My fault? Not sure, [...]

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The colour of the day was red. Red is also the colour for tragedies-and of blood spilt all over the bathroom floor. How fitting. St. Valentine’s day-love’s day and tragedy, and folly all rolled in one.
The day [...]

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The Watcher

The blazing mid-day sun had morphed into the orange orb that heralded the evening and still the figure under the dwarf palm tree sat. Neither the billows of dust that swirled in the air, tossed up by the strong [...]

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Innocent Emotions

We met on a dry, dusty and windy January afternoon; the gleam of sunshine piercing through the windowpane could shatter glass impenitently.

The first time I laid my eyes on you everything stood still for a moment and the [...]

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After the last anonymous phone call, Tosin does not have any idea what to expect. He is absolutely certain that it has to be something unpleasant that the anonymous caller is leading him to and even though he pretends [...]


Famous Last Words

‘I know what I’m doing. Really!’, Kally insisted to me as I turned away from her to pick up my mobile that had just started to ring. This discussion was beginning to bore me. How many times have I [...]

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Love as I know it..

As I lay in bed thinking about him, wondering and wishing, it suddenly hit me. That day is upon me once again. In my twenty something even years (odd seems like such a negative term to use and yes….I [...]

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the beauty in ugly

I and my friend Johnny High sat and got elevated into the stratosphere of the essence of life and there we meditated. when we came back to earth, i decided to write down his musings as narrated to me [...]

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Will you take me like that?

This is a poem by someone that hates rejection and yet hopes to find love [...]

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