Above all, I'm very calm and deep!

*Before Thy Cross

Posted by 4ran6 125 views Poetry
May 092011

Show us light’s way, Not in another day. Take us away, Not from you, but ungodly fray. Teach us words to say, Not expressions without ray. Give us all that [...]

Apr 202011

I write for that poor child, Whose parents toil day and night, And in sacrifice, satisfaction.   I embody those people, Whose lives they laid down, And in death, betrayed. [...]

Apr 192011

We crawl, wobble and stumble until we walk, We mumble, babble and gabble until we talk. We refuse to know baulk, Or dwell in squawk. Download article as PDF

Allegory's Glory

Posted by 4ran6 46 views Poetry
Apr 132011

I’ve heard of a dusty road Many walked while others rode I was told many breathed and coughed in that dust Hearts laughed and in anger burst Download article as [...]

Apr 092011

Don’t pray that your enemies live long… You might not live to discover you were wrong!  If you live a life full of dreams, You just might be dreaming when [...]


Posted by 4ran6 54 views Poetry
Apr 072011

Truth endures everyone’s cause, Lives and suffers like us… But neglects our greatest crime, Our meaning of time. Download article as PDF

Body, Mind and Soul

Posted by 4ran6 66 views Poetry
Mar 252011

Body, mind and soul, Everyone’s threefold, Synergy on a roll, Lives lived in each other’s hold. Download article as PDF

Mistress of my Dreams

Posted by 4ran6 45 views Poetry
Mar 232011

Saw you again in my dream last night, I wish those mosquitoes allowed me more sleep. How my heart treasures your sight, And drowns me in thoughts so deep!   [...]

Faiths, One Truth

Posted by 4ran6 61 views Poetry
Mar 202011

Religion is birth’s heritage, Many continue family dogmatic ties, Some seek a hermitage, Others run from pillar to post in search of the wise. Download article as PDF

Paradise Found

Posted by 4ran6 78 views Poetry
Mar 202011

I’m lost in thrills now, Only her knows how.   I’m not in a daze, Thoughts leave me haze. Download article as PDF

Waiting for Tomorrow

Posted by 4ran6 73 views Poetry
Mar 182011

Time flies with our grunts, Thoughts keep us in chains, Goals, evidence of torments, Success, chimera set in truth, And failure, recurring disbelieve… Download article as PDF

Growth's Bumpy Path

Posted by 4ran6 32 views Poetry
Mar 162011

When arrogance and egotism only means pride, We wander aimlessly for years before death’s ride. When imperfection becomes a reason, We’d live our lives in a perfect prison. Download article [...]

Niger Area

Posted by 4ran6 41 views Poetry
Mar 152011

We grew thinking our tongues were inferior, Schools still allow fines and punishment for usage… Now, government complains of indigenous languages’ dearth. Download article as PDF

Enigmatic Variations

Posted by 4ran6 79 views Poetry
Mar 152011

Trust has caused many hurt,

Distrust, much more pain.

Love breaks, yet mends,

Hate breaks, crushes and ravages beyond reason.

Courage might leave scars,

Cowardice, an incurable wound.

The Journey

Posted by 4ran6 40 views Poetry
Mar 142011

Let’s go where only reason can find, Let’s unchain the shackles of our differences, Confront greed’s wind, And our many dim references. Download article as PDF

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