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I said ‘My Forever’

We spoke about virtually everything, from the colour of our underwear down to the sound of our breathe. It was almost impossible to hide anything from each other, we were like soul sisters. We had too much to talk about , so much that there was really no time to talk about anyone in our … Continue reading I said ‘My Forever’


‘Unaware’- 6

Previous Post: Read Here,  Episode 1 : Click Here.   Enjoy The sun shone hot and bright with no mercy for the humans that occupied the part of the earth where Tayo stayed. He had not realised the weather was so hot as he had been indoor all morning and had no reason to step out … Continue reading ‘Unaware’- 6

A Tale of Him and Her

  She had no identity and he had too many. They met by what they believed was chance’s manipulation, on the day marking the apex of their individual frustrations with the lives they’d been leading for more years than they cared to count. With everyday that passed for those years to grow, life’s value became … Continue reading A Tale of Him and Her

I Wonder What It Would Mean To You

I wonder what it would mean to you If I promised you I’d never lie. Never pretending things would be ever peachy But letting you know I’ll always be on stand-by. Trust has to be the swaddling cloth In which our love, most precious, is wrapped. Instead of letting suspicion, insecurity and doubt Be the … Continue reading I Wonder What It Would Mean To You

This Is How The World Ends: 3*

I scoffed, “Considering how crazy everything you’ve said has been, be sure I’m not telling anyone about this.” He looked away, and relaxed into the seat. He wiped his eyes slowly, and sniffed almost imperceptibly. “I was crushed that day, so I left him there. I found a bar and for the first and only … Continue reading This Is How The World Ends: 3*

This is How the World Ends: 2*

I folded my hands behind my head, staring at him, unsure of what to say. The room was silent except for the gentle beep of the equipment monitoring my wife’s vitals. Father started speaking again: “I didn’t understand what was happening, there had to be an explanation. So I had some of your mother’s remains … Continue reading This is How the World Ends: 2*

Before The End Began…

  There’s more to me than this, Beyond this robotic form. This, by nature, is deformed. Over the clueless groping with shackled arms, There lies something greater Than everything that never was.   And there i sit in the center of it all.   The conclusion birthed my origin And this determined before from the … Continue reading Before The End Began…

To my unborn son (I and II)

My dearest son, I try to remember the beginning and my memory goes back to immediately after your mum and I got married. Now that I think of those turbulent early years of our marriage, I can’t fathom in fact, the contents of the glue that kept our marriage alive…barely. Our coming together was the … Continue reading To my unborn son (I and II)