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  • sambright said 7 months, 3 weeks ago:

    Alero: Guess what dropped off Frank’s pocket on our way home yesterday?
    Sam: Lots of Christian tracts.
    Alero: Nop, try again!
    Sam: Ally, I don’t have time for unrewarding conversations this evening just tell me what it was; I have to redeem time because the days are evil?

    Alero: Just guess?
    Sam: Spare me the space please?
    Alero: Alright, I will tell you. It was an x-rated movie DVD!
    Sam: What! Well that does not mean that it is his.
    Alero: It is not a matter of it being his own or not, what was it doing in his pocket?
    Sam: May be he is trying to…
    Alero: (cuts in) …evangelize with it.
    Sam: Will you stop this nonsense; I will not join you to condemn him.
    Alero: And who is condemning him?
    Sam: You of course! When you saw it fall off his pocket, you should have called him and asked him why he possessed such movie. Then you would have corrected him in love and nobody will hear about it. Do you know that so many people are trapped in certain habits today because somebody ignores his responsibility?
    Alero: Really?
    Sam: Yes. Many parents leave their children in the hands of guidance who some times expose these children to undignified pictures and images. Yet some parents through their carelessness have left their children hanging in between what is moral and what is immoral by not properly disposing what should be kept secret.

    I once heard a story about a young girl who came back from school switched on the television and before her was an x-rated film her parents had left in the video machine and could not remove because the Power Holdings Company did what they are known for. Before long she started practicing what she saw on her siblings. It took the intervention of a neighbour to stop the abominable act.
    Alero: Jesus Christ! Why would her parents be so careless?
    Sam: It is unfortunate but that is what happens. Sadly recent research have shown that there over 72,000 pornographic website and more than 85% of its viewers are young people within the age range of 13-16.Pornography which refers to pictures writings or film intended to arouse sexual interest is not only on the internet, but also in almost every thing we see today.
    On our phones, on television especially pay T.V, adverts and in wild hip-hop video. Still little or no pressure is been mounted to stop this seeming madness.

    Alero: What a wicked world!
    Sam: Yes it is. The devil is just looking for ways to degrade man before God. This is what pornography seeks to achieve. Where men and women alike are reduced to just mere instrument for gratifying the flesh.
    Alero: I guess we live in a world and generation where vices have become virtues, where the abnormal things are glorified even pornography has carved a niche for itself in the secular society.
    Just the other day, I overheard a government official stating how many night clubs they have banned where women dance naked in Lagos State! At first, I did not believe it until another friend of mine confirmed it.

    Sam: Surprisingly, even married men visit these places thus lots of marriages are in jeopardy because one party is cheating on the other through pornography addiction. A pastor once confided in a friend of mine that he is addicted to porno.
    Alero: A pastor?
    Sam: I was once an addict
    Alero: Even you!

    Sam: it may be shocking to you, but that is the challenge of some people today. It was by the grace of God that I was able to scale through and the same grace is still sufficient for me. Do you know it led me to different sinful habits like masturbation, fornication and having sexual activities in my dreams? (Pauses for a while and takes a long distant look) If not for God, I would have contracted HIV from sleeping around.
    Alero: (Looking away from Sam with tears welling up in her eyes) what exactly did you do to escape?

    Sam: (Did not notice the tears welling up in Alero’s eye but continued talking) Firstly I got to a point where I became tired and ashamed of all I was doing. How can I be a member of the choir and be attached to porno, I just did not see any connection. I then made up my mind; you know we are the product of the choices we make.

    Instead of viewing porno, I occupied my time and thoughts with other things. I got involved in reading my bible and other motivational books. I bought and listened to tapes and messages of anointed men of God as well as meditated on God’s word at all times depending solely on the Holy Spirit for guidance.
    I must confess that it took me some time, but I am better for it today. Have you not noticed the realm in which I minister songs?

    Alero: Yes (a bit of control over the tears already rolling down her cheeks)

    Sam: (Still oblivious of what is happening) that is because I decided to yield my body to the Spirit of God. The bible declares in 1 Corinthians 3:16, that our body is the temple of God. I did not end there; I also consulted some few understanding elders in the church who surprisingly have struggled with the habit at some points in their lives.
    That is why I told you earlier not to condemn Frank, but correct him in love, that is the way to go about it. The same principle should be applied to any one who offends you. Don’t go behind the person spreading false accusation, call the person aside and straighten things.

    In addition, I went further to use channel blocks and internet filters when watching and surfing the internet respectively so that pornographic pictures are completely shut out. Above all, I completely avoided places that will lure me into going back to my vomit.

    Alero: Aha, Aha! (Crying profusely now) help me Brother Sam. I have lied to you. (Brother Sam is shocked) It was not Frank that has the DVD I am the guilty one.

    Sam: What do you mean?

    Alero: I came across the material at Tinuke’s place when I visited her about one month ago. She told me that she got it from her dad’s old stuff as she cleaned up his room. I stole if from her without her knowledge after we saw it together at her place and since then, I have stuck to it. The truth is that my spiritual life has not known growth throughout this time in fact I have not been myself after that day.
    How can God ever forgive me? I am doomed. (Bro Sam takes her to his bosom) God o! (Looks up to bro Sam) can God ever forgive me?

    Sam :( With empathy) Why not! You know what God told me when I was passing through my challenge as I cried to Him one night, he said, “Son don’t ever condemn yourself to the extent that you cannot ask me for forgiveness”
    No matter what you do, your power is not enough to help you escape from the enslavement of pornography. You have to put yourself in His hands. He is the only one you can still trust for He is faithful to forgive you and cleanse you from all unrighteousness.

    Alero: Really?

    Sam: Besides nothing can separate you from the love of Christ not even pornography. God loves you so much to think of forsaking you. Do not live in self condemnation; just trust God to help you through this challenge. He loves you and wants the best for you so you can use your body to serve him better.

    Alero: Thank you Sam, you have helped me get my confidence. I will not allow the devil to cheat me off God’s love. I choose to rest in His love irrespective of my failures.

  • sambright said 1 day, 11 hours ago:

    May we not condemn others at our own detriment.

  • Profile picture of joy1 joy1 said 6 hours ago:

    One too many and can’t be fully told.


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