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Da Writing Engineer on The very singular type of love
Chukwudum, I believe you watch football so i'll use a football analogy to explain the concept of style to you. ...
xikay on A Chat With Jude Dibia - BLACKBIRD (Plus Readers Giveaway)!
if i come across it with something in my wallet, I'll get seems to be promising.
Idoko Ojabo on I AM DAVID
Jay, you did a beautiful work of a priest/pastor... I wouldn't miss any sermon of yours if you preside over ...
Idoko Ojabo on I AM DAVID
Joy, you did a beautiful work of a priest/pastor... I wouldn't miss any sermon of yours if you preside over ...
Idoko Ojabo on THE END OF LOVE 1: BREAK UP
I like the narration... It is difficult to dislike your male character... It is good you kept off the reason ...
Idoko Ojabo on THE END OF LOVE 1: BREAK UP
I like the narration... It is difficult to dislike your male character... It is good you kept off the reason ...
Shope on Away from you
Your presentation of passion was vivid and intense. Good one. It didn't feel like being in a prison though.
Tola Odejayi on Engaged But Available
Chetachi, I found the story very engaging, especially Onyeka's attempt at toasting the MC. Well done. Do watch out for punctuation and ...
Tola Odejayi on The very singular type of love
I found the story rather rambling - it was very hard to follow the narrative, perhaps because there were so ...
AnnaBella on Morning Dose
Hahahahaha I love Lagos-life stories. I didn't even notice the tense mix-ups. Very enjoyable.

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What Will You Die For?

Some have lived and are gone, some are still living for nothing because they never got their purpose of living. Tomorrow will come and may mean goodbye. We all never know when or why. But you are awake today this moment, this minute. So [...]

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…for those who have lost a mother

my face is wet

and i know not yet

whether it be rain or tears

my heart beats

with spasmodic feats

is it anticipation or fear that bring this tears

i see through the blur

of [...]

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My Brother and I

I woke to the sound of mother’s wail. which relative had died again?’ I wondered. Mother’s wail always had to do with relatives which we could hardly recall or ones we didn’t know. She’d start by saying, when one of us approached to console [...]

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Wild Riches

He felt it. Something told him everything was not right. What was it?

He slowed his pace and checked his watch.


He looked right and left.

Except for a group of three night crawlers, the entire street was in the transitory stage [...]

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A Glimpse In The Mirror

I am a coffin maker but I prefer to call myself  an end-of-life transportation consultant. The truth is that I find it difficult to tell people what I do for a living. I soon came to the realization that while we all know death [...]

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Time Did Not Stop.

Every time I pass by that spot, while on the blue bus, I wonder why life goes on. The streets are still busy, people are still shopping, even though your life has been snuffed out.

You are dead, gone forever, snatched bloodily from the [...]

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Police Pikin

I don’t know what part of the bed i woke up on this particular Thursday but i was feeling grouchy, this crabby nature did not ebb even after i saw my mum that morning (she always have a way of soothing me).

“Ekaro Ma” [...]

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A Brief Reunion

She was already up at 4.05 am, though the alarm clock was set to go off at 4.15. Ronke was so desperate in getting a permanent placement at Saint Joseph’s Hospital. She only slept for about four hours during the night. The rest was [...]

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I wrote this two years ago after we laid my uncle to rest. He was sixty two years old and looking forward to the arrival of his first grandchild. We had no warning. No sign. He went to bed hale and hearty and never [...]


Love in Gamawa (6)

“Get up!” I heard again and this time I looked up to see who it was. My vision was slightly blurred but the voice was unmistakable. It was Martins; he was pulling my right hand trying to drag me to my feet. He had [...]

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A note to Aisha

Dear Aisha I’m moving out of the house and into a lil’ hut Don’t worry about me, success is my only option; failure’s not I’ve worked my butt off long enough But I need to be brave and hex away this curse [...]

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I’m on the third mainland bridge.

I’m not here for sight seeing but judging from the amount of parked cars, cameras and security behind me, you would think I am an actor waiting for the Director’s voice to yell ‘JUMP’, so we could complete [...]



My husband died in his sleep but my in laws said I killed him. How could I have killed my husband? After all, my uncle had married me off to such an old man because he could not repay the debt he owed. I [...]

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An Intercourse of Death

An intercourse of death calls and a missing sister, a missing daughter, springs off her feet in response. - [...]

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You have just closed your eyes in sleep — a different kind of sleep, and then you hear someone calling your name and you find yourself slowly slipping to the other side. But you are still hearing your loved ones, raising their voices to a feverish pitch. They are saying something that sounds like an unbroken string of mono syllabic words ; you recognize it as the tongues of angels, the tongues of mystery. This mysterious language is broken up by fierce , passionate singing and deafening clapping: “He has promised he will never fail”, the song goes , but you are going and they still continue praying and singing, singing and praying, voices hoarse, tears streaming down. But then you go. It is final. You have gone. [...]


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