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Liquid Blue- Part IV- Letters to Nkechi

“Dear Nkechi,

It’s hard to believe it has almost been six months since I last saw you. Your mom gave me your address. How is London treating you? Congratulations on your position, you are doing well with yourself!

I have some good news to [...]

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Liquid Blue- Part III

The next day and Friday, Nkechi was busy at the office and she paid little attention to what was going on around her. She had noticed that since she found the blue stone, fate had smiled at her in an unfamiliar way but she [...]

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Liquid Blue-Part 2

Nkechi was clutching the blue stone all the way home. She was rubbing it like a toddler would rub his blanket and peace had overcome her. Lagos’ hustle and bustle didn’t faze her anymore. She was walking on clouds.

As she arrived home, the [...]

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Liquid Blue- Part I

Nkechi glanced at the mirror. Did she have what it takes? Her brown hair was pulled back neatly in a bun and her eyes were enhanced by a discreet make up. She did look pretty, she thought, and she deserved this promotion. She had [...]

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The Journal:

Things are not going very regularly around here for me. And I guess you think it’s a good thing since it definitely means something interesting is happening, but that’s not the case.

Far from it.

The sun still shines at [...]


The Little D

It was a grey, cold Tuesday morning with more than a foreboding of rain. Fitting weather for the business of the day, Diran thought, as he stood in a long queue outside the gated compound. He looked beyond the wall at the hulking block [...]

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How hard can it be anyway, I think. Well, I do not have any choice really, I think I will die, but I’m not one to give up to Zombies. My heart is racing, as the zombies scratch and howl, it seems as [...]

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Time trap

It was possibly the longest one hour of his life; he stood behind the door watching the offending boy in the vid screen, wondering what magic he could perform to make him move, even if just for a few seconds.

He cursed himself for [...]

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A Chastened Silence

My names are Trajan Amandladela. Yes, that same Trajan Amandladela. Depending on what era you are from, I am many things, many good things but then again many bad things and yet again many things in between. I was there at the beginning and [...]

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Rain is the 4th planet in the odious circuit; it is one of earth like planets that orbit an adult sun with a 14 planet solar system. Its distance of about five thousand light years from our home planet earth made it unattractive for [...]

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