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He always despised the dreary tempo of the National anthem. Yet there it was, blaring from the black and white TV set in the sitting room. He had grown accustomed to the soothing flute instrumental his father played early every morning. The sweet melody [...]



1st October, 1999. INDEPENDENCE DAY

As a child this was the day I always looked forward to, and why? Not like I knew particularly what was going on but it was a holiday, a day that I do not go to school. [...]


Breaking free

I wore a neatly tailored grey skirt suit but I was still one of the few odd people in the hall. The wedding invite was explicit on the dress code - a touch of blue for the groom and pink for the bride. I [...]

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I believe.

A young adult discovers patriotism on the pages of his journal. [...]

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Everyone had come from far and wide, grandchildren, children, brothers, sisters and some others whose relationship I could not define. Year fifty was no number anyone could discard because it meant ten years to another Nigerian milestone.

The streets beamed wealth, prosperity and care. [...]

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A heart for the game.

I toss and turn, haunted by images from a time far away. Ten years, and it still has me gasping for breath. I sit up in the unfamiliar bed; sleep, many light years away from my weary eyes. There’s a painting on the wall, [...]

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Trumpeter on independence day

by Henry C. Onyema

It was Saturday, October 1 1960.

Corporal Lami fixed a bleak gaze on the calendar on the wall opposite his bed. Sorrow soaked his heart. He glared at the picture of Queen Elizabeth that took up the first half of [...]

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The Lasting First

“Congratulations! You’ve just won two million Naira”. Those were the exact words of Frank Edoho to me on the Independence Edition of the TV show ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ held on Friday, 30th September 2005.My joy knew no bounds; this was a [...]

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The Parade

By Sylva Nze Ifedigbo

The distant siren tells you the governor is finally on his way. You don’t have a wrist watch so you are not sure what the time is. But you can guess it is almost noon. The sun is now directly [...]

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Nervously, Angela wrapped in a Louis Vuitton bathrobe, stepped out of the bathroom. The distant drone of the TV filtered into her eardrums as she entered her bedroom. She nodded towards the man seated at the edge of the bed. Leaving wet footprints on [...]

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The Dance

‘Put your left foot out and pause for a second’ Taiwo said  to her fellow dancers ‘Then bend your hips and swing it up and down four times and fast. Your hands should be kept like you are playing a drum and there must [...]

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Party Hats And Cake Optimus

On my way to the biggest celebration Africa has ever seen and my flight has been delayed, why oh why? I can almost taste it!

Oh I forgot to add, I know two of the chefs catering, all graduates of the culinary arts institute, [...]

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Streaks of sunlight at dawn 5

Labisi strained her ears all day to avoid missing a call. She expected Toke and Athena to call her as soon as they landed. Knowing the way they all were, she doubted they will. Toke had informed her that she would be heading for her in-laws’ with the kids. Ikoyi was quite a distance from Isolo, so going there was pointless. Athena she suspected would not come to Isolo either. And who would blame her? Her many visits to the doctor during the week wore her out. She never realized that the chemo sessions would be this depleting… She drifted off to sleep before her eyes closed. And she dreamed again. [...]

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Rhapsody of Freedom

We always look forward to see the reality of our dreams…dreams of liberty, success, love…such was the day Nigeria seceded from Great Britain and became an Independence Nation. You need to read this and kindly drop your comments, let me know how you feel about this piece of expression. [...]

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(Year 2040)

Aging is like taking a cool evening walk through a garden, with sweet scents caressing your olfactory senses and not being able to pluck any of the beautiful flowers.

I am a happy man still.And having my beautiful wife Oluwatosin; the mother [...]