I aim to rise.....

Apr 282011

I’m sure you’ve read books in which the writer came up with an expression that you had never heard of before. You probably picked up your dictionary to check and [...]

Mar 272011

My son’s image looms large as I watch the political campaign on my black and white TV. Sadly, I do not feel my allegiance to him is strong enough to [...]

Never be satisfied with a first draft. In fact, never be satisfied with your own stuff at all, until you’re certain it’s as good as your finite powers can be. [...]

I have a new job. I’m so excited I wake up every morning singing at the top of my lungs. I have two weeks to prepare for my new found [...]

The wind howled as the rain fell fast. It was already pitch dark outside, even though the sun had barely slept. The candle had gone out. Ngozi got up and [...]


Posted by RemiRoy 108 views Fiction
Dec 192010

They huddled around each other, mumbling in low tones. They dared not tell anyone. This had never happened in all their years of serving. How come nobody checked the supplies? [...]

Nov 172010

I sit curled up on the love seat, tears flowing.  Staring at the far end of the room, I ignore the shadows cast on the wall by movements outside my [...]

Love, in a mortar...

Posted by RemiRoy 695 views Fiction, Flash
Oct 272010

I don’t believe in marriage. Not really. I like my space, so having one special person for the rest of my life is scary and too close for comfort. My [...]

So much for Fish!

Posted by RemiRoy 166 views Fiction
Oct 082010

She got up from the bed, tired of tossing and turning. The night wore on, as if unending. What she dreaded wasn’t the nights she spent alone. No, she could [...]

Sep 272010

I toss and turn, haunted by images from a time far away. Ten years, and it still has me gasping for breath. I sit up in the unfamiliar bed; sleep, [...]

Star Struck!

Posted by RemiRoy 124 views Poetry
Aug 242010

Pseudo Disclaimer:

I’m not into poetry,guys. Just got bored and decided to try this.

Please be gentle with me. :)

The gnawing pain in my abdomen grew worse. I doubled over and winced, willing the pain to pass. My head throbbed like a sore tooth. I looked over at the [...]

The SAN [End]

Posted by RemiRoy 140 views Fiction
Jul 232010

Eight grueling hours later, Daniel arrived in Lagos. He took a bike straight form the park and headed to his place.  He’d drop his stuff off before he stormed Linda’s [...]

The SAN [part 3]

Posted by RemiRoy 100 views Fiction
Jul 212010

The next Day Daniel introduced Linda’s mother to Barrister Barry, the property lawyer at Jones & Barry. Her reluctance to accept his help was understandable. But Barry had decided to [...]

I got back from school one day and the first thing I searched for was my ‘Concubine’. When I couldn’t find it after approximately ten minutes, I freaked. “Have you [...]

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