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diamondsblings on Journey to Nowhere - 2
@y'all- fenks, i think imma have to work on my using short forms erry now nd den. All corrections noted........
Augustine Ogwo on Third Round Stories - More Judges’ comments
Now let us all pull off sentiments and take a look at BEHIND THE DARK CLOUD. I think my story ...
Tola Odejayi on COLON ROAD.
Just to say that I agree with Stan's points. At first, I thought the story was about Mama Rabi, but ...
Stan on Junk Junk Junk!
Well, as long as they remain affordable and tasty, you've got a fight in your hands.
Scopeman on COLON ROAD.
@Stan, I'm glad you like the story and be sure that I have realised the several flaws in the story, ...
Stan on Pornography:The silent addiction
message on point. Godbless. The writing will improve with more writing.
Jefsaraurmax on Away from you
LOL Raymond! I was trying to write something different and I went right back into my usual theme.Thanks for your ...
chetachi on Engaged But Available
Thanks Stan for reading. You are right-I tend to overuse the word ok...note taken.
Stan on Engaged But Available
nice! A story with a lot of potentials-looking forward to the sequel. Please edit your stories more, the changing tenses ...
HAHAHAHA HAHAHA HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A kid's prayer

As i face another day,

Watch over me Lord when i play,

Help me not to cry when i fall.

Instill in me your sweetest love.

Fill my heart with your truth.

As i’ll soon become a youth.

Teach me not to steal,

Nor to lie.

Take me to your bosom,

There,let me lie.

Help me to always read and write,

So i can grow to be famous,rich and wise.

I want to be the best i can.

I want to grow into a comely man.

Hearken to my pleas when i pray.

Let not bad friends lead me astray.

Help my friends who steal and fight,

Help us tell the wrong from the right.

Bless my father,

Fill him with strength.

Bless my mother,

See her through the years,

Fill me with laughter.

Confront my fears.

Make me ONE among my peers.

Watch over me when i sleep,

In your arms,my soul i keep,

Make my life a fairy tale,

Happy and sweet,this i pray.


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