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  • Of kolanuts and white chalk: The word die was deliberately spelt so for the following reasons:- 1) Die = death 2) Die = sounds like and rhymes...
  • The Outcome: Thanks for pointing out the typos. Glad you could take something from this piece...hard work for...not my usual writting style. To...
  • A Father's Love: awwwww... this is very nice and inspiring,felt like it was meant for me. Thanks for sharing this.
  • The Knell: Wow! This is great! loved the first and last sentences,v.captivating. And the diction? Very impressive. Great job!
  • GEEBEE'S TRIP. EPISODE 17: SURVIVING THE AFTERMATH: well done,this is not disappointing.keep u the good work!
  • The Outcome: good job... man has gone far from the garden to our currently besieged world...concept of this piece was tight... you...
  • BLINDING LOVE: sorry, you're right...i meant George
  • The Knell: wow,i loved the progression and the did well with the should listen to @raymond..
  • For my love, MOJISOLA: Xikay, Love bringeth the best out of a poet as tragedy revealeth the priceless goods of life...brilliant man.
  • THE WET CHILD (5): HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I understand, but I wanted to create a story with a Universal appeal. I didn't want to localize it. Thanks...

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Junk Junk Junk!

Rubbish, trash, garbage or scrap. They all are junks.

Widely available, low in cost, heavily promoted and of good tasting.

Producing a predictable, understandable, and inevitable consequence- an epidemic of diet related diseases.

Yet very convenient and high in fat, sugar, and calories.

Imagine yourself feeding from a trash can each time you feed on those foods we call junks (wink!). Is this not one of the many reasons why we add weight?

The donuts in my office restaurant are calling my name, even though they are 200 feet away, even the kirishi and massa by wuse market junction.

Junk! Junk! Junk! The more I call you that, the more strength I gather in refusing you.

What on earth is going on here?

Nutritionist trying to write.

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