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Fresh Start Contest - UPDATE

This is formally inform everyone that the A Heart to Mend Nigerian Launch Contest, has been cancelled. The delay in putting out this announcement was because the Naija Stories team sent the entries to an external person for a second opinion. What was determined [...]

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Fallen Angel

‘It is all a ritual’, Martha thinks to herself as she shuffles from foot to foot on the slow line that is headed towards the priest at the altar. She almost sighs out loud until she remembers that her father is standing right behind [...]

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The music playing in his brain was off tune, yes, it was recognizable but it wasn’t right, it was high pitched and screechy. He removed the earphones from his ear, these earphones had a problem. This wasn’t new to him; he had heard worse [...]



“You are a fantabulous fool!” roared the man in the tattered suit. “Not just that, but a demonic quagmire among superordinate humans.”

Ashaka opened his mouth to retaliate but got confused. The torrent of words hailed at him like missiles. A stale fishy stench [...]

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6 minutes

I stood in front of the sink, washing the dishes. At the same time, I could hear the wheezing sound escaping from the pot of beans on the fire. Our kitchen was a very big one, beautifully decorated with white tiles and cream wall [...]

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You sit there caressing her bony fingers, wondering when she would arise from the dead. You can’t stop looking into her glistening eyes and imagining that you are seeing straight to her soul—seeing the life she has lived being cast onto the screen of [...]

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To-Chi: two straws in a bottle...

Driving slowly towards the link road that leads to the airport, I’m trying hard to focus and calm my excited nerves. Tobi is coming home. I have dreamt of this day for months, wondering if it will ever happen. I doubt I’ll ever find [...]

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Fire from the gods

He took a step towards her, his manner menacing. She did not draw back like he thought she would, an apparently frightened child. Fear shimmered like a mask on her face; she shook with it but faced dread head on. She had assessed the [...]

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The nightmare came that night.

She saw herself entering the cavernous building. She knew there were people there, waiting, watching. But she could see only him. He was also waiting for her.
She felt the paralyzing fear sweep over her, rendering her immobile. [...]

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For as long as I sing;
You do not weep nor listen to the beat of my heart…
Just glisten while I weep
For sorrow is my soul mate;
A mating damp in my loin

Worries are nothing but the captain of my ship


She comes slowly from the bowels of the building, like one emerging from a trance. Her limbs are laden, so she stops, leaving her sister to walk on alone. She takes in a lungful of air, marveling at its wondrous smell – the smell [...]


A Heart to Mend Nigerian Launch Contest

Here at Naija Stories, we hope your year has been going well so far and you have been writing more. This is just the perfect time to launch a new book, rewrite your manuscript or write a new story.

In the mind of all [...]

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The Brutus Syndrome

I was half way across the expansive living room when my cell phone rang. Without breaking my stride, I removed it ,glanced at the strange number, but still depressed a key and brought it to my temple.
‘Asalama alaikum.’ I invoked peace on my [...]

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It is with great sadness that I pick my pen and allow my memory relay this story of overwhelming abyss of pain. The night was of unthinkable blackness in every sense of the word and I was sound asleep without a care in the [...]



Seybur was crushing her eight, maybe ninth cigarette into the ashtray when her phone rang. She let it ring. It was the doctor from the fertility clinic. No doubt he was calling to find out why she and Terseer had missed their appointment. She [...]

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