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Love In Gamawa (1)

‘Knock, knock’… That was the sound that woke me up that morning. It was so gentle and soft yet loud enough to being me back from dreamland. At first I thought is was part of my dream but after a few more gentle knocks that sounded like the sound of a foam being hit on the mouth of a pot, a common musical instrument from the eastern part of Nigeria, I realised I had returned to the real

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Love in Gamawa (3)

In a nutshell, the plan was to find a way of convincing her to come to my room later on that day without telling anyone. The early morning visits to fetch water didn’t sound like a good time to me as her parents would probably know she was ther plus she was always with her friends. However, getting her to come in the evening seemed a perfect plan. And when she comes …

“here I am sir” she said on that fateful day. “Good, you are 5 minutes late. I thought I specifically said 1Pm?”, I tried to feign anger

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My Friend, The ‘Madman’ (1 of 2)

I still remember the first time I met Kacha in secondary school. I was minding my own business, packing away my books at the end of one of my first days in school when this scrawny boy with protruberant eyes and a manic grin approached me.

“Hello! What’s your name?”

“Chukwudi”, I replied cautiously. “What’s yours?”

“My full name is Adeniyi Oluwadamilare Mongolia Oxygen Malomo. Most people call me Niyi. But since you are going to be my friend, I will let you call me a special name that I’ll decide on.”

I was taken aback. What kind of parents gave their children names

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The Day of the Underdog

“You guys are going to get properly caned again this year!”

This taunt was flung  across the road at myself and my friend, Jide, as we walked home from school. The taunter was none other than Gbolahan,  a sometime rival of ours who went to another school.

Jide bristled defensively. “It’s you guys at Ajeromi that should be worried. Our team has been training very hard, so this year we are going to show you what we are made of.”

Gbolahan burst into laughter. “Are you serious? Was it not just last year that St. John’s Academy thrashed you so badly that they

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