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It was meant to be the last kick of the match. The unimaginable and unprecedented was about to happen. Africa’s dream was about to be realized. The tension was palpable. There was dead silence at the over eighty thousand capacity arena. [...]


My Human Hair Experience

When I was 14, I decided I would never wear a “weave-on” like older women did because while I was fine with braids, I drew the line at pretending loose curls and bangs were part of my natural endowment. Unfortunately for me, laziness (it [...]

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The Sun

She groaned beneath its touch, her eyes tightly closed.

She had known this moment would come but now that it had arrived she wasn’t sure she wanted it.

The warmth of its breath bathed her body, an invitation, [...]

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Journey to Nowhere

i lay my head on my palm

thinking to myself of a better life to live

then i realised i had left the physical

i was no longer where i was before

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Found this in my archives, thought it necessary to share it here.


According to Science, everything is matter. Science teaches us that anything that has mass and occupies space is matter. It also reveals to us three states in which matter exists: Solid, [...]

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Where was God?

Where was God?
I wonder…
Where was God before the world began?
Where was God?
Before He came to being?
Did He exist before existence?
Where was God?
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What Will You Die For?

Some have lived and are gone, some are still living for nothing because they never got their purpose of living. Tomorrow will come and may mean goodbye. We all never know when or why. But you are awake today this moment, this minute. So [...]

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My Sis Got Married Last Weekend - 2

My Sis Got Married Last Weekend - 2

For me, the day started on the wrong note.
I was late, and I conveniently blame the damn laptop. It was an afternoon wedding, which suited me just fine. But, like the vast majority of [...]

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3 'short' Articles


Dear reader, imagine this: Many World War veterans of Dutch origin come to South Africa, settle, introduce this so-called language called Afrikaans, become “white” Africans and rule after shedding the blood of the inhabitants who [...]

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Pornography:The silent addiction

Alero: Guess what dropped off Frank’s pocket on our way home yesterday?
Sam: Lots of Christian tracts.
Alero: Nop, try again!
Sam: Ally, I don’t have time for unrewarding conversations this evening just tell me what it was; I have to redeem time because the days are evil?

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why do things stink
why am i left to think
it all looks like life is beginning to shrink
but i still get to wink

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Dear Governor

Dear Governor,

Elections are here again and I plan to re-elect you. You were not my man in the last elections but I voted for you anyway because I just didn’t want the umbrella brigade to take over. They have shown me time and [...]

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I Never Flirt With A Celebrity

I Never Flirt With A Celebrity

I had just arrived Abuja and was so tired and just wanted to sleep. I decide to check my inbox one last time. One of my muses just mused me, I had to reply. I picked up a [...]

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My Sis Got Married Last Weekend - 1

My Sis Got Married Last Weekend  - 1

Before una get the wrong impression, let me make it abundantly clear that I’m not one of those to get too sentimental about these kind of things. Come on, I’m a guy. A Naija guy. Not only [...]

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You may kiss the Bride... muah

I hate weddings.

Not the institution but the ceremonies built around it.

I mean, the first miracle Jesus ever performed was at a wedding…and that should have sent a signal to humanity that no matter how hard people try, something would always go wrong at [...]

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