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  • BLINDING LOVE: Thanks bro. Yes o! In fact, na one-quarter fiction sef *winks*
  • BLINDING LOVE: @Justuswrites, unbelievable? Google the name of my main character. He was actually my classmate from JSS1-SSS3 o! And believe it...
  • Vengeance of the Vagina: Chukwuemeka, I must confess: You are an amazing writer and historian. I google you now now now. That your JLF-winning...
  • GEEBEE'S TRIP 16: DAMNING THE CONSEQUENCES: this is becoming more and more interesting by the episodes...its fresher with each new one...well done. I resolved to keep the...
  • Inspiration: I really like this poem...espeacially how it ends.
  • THE WET CHILD (4): HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! No be small trouble oh!!! SIMBA has entered the building!!!
  • THE WET CHILD (4): someone is in trouble o!
  • GEEBEE'S TRIP 16: DAMNING THE CONSEQUENCES: You're a natural storyteller. I can't wait for the next. Well done bro!! But no be 'sugar son', na 'toy...
  • THE WET CHILD (4): Thanks. I tried to find a balance. I didn't want to inundate the story with Pronouns, even though Chike was...
  • BLINDING LOVE: Sweet....Half-fiction? Hehehe...

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