A Sage’s Letter to a Friend

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Apr 092011
Don’t pray that your enemies live long…
You might not live to discover you were wrong! 

If you live a life full of dreams,
You just might be dreaming when opportunity beams.

Don’t ask to see death’s sting,
Seek the path of eternal’s King.

If you ask why it has to be you,
You’d age without a clue.

Don’t love with the whole of your heart,
Live love with every of your part.

If you fail to be the best,
Make sure you aren’t too far from the first.

Don’t ever underrate a woman’s power,
She isn’t always a flower.

And if experience is without rage,
Remember, there’d be no sage.

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  28 Responses to “A Sage’s Letter to a Friend”

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  1. @4ran6, this is a wow,i loved it , maybe more cos of the tightly knit rhymes…you pulled this off big time…

  2. In fact, I no know wetin I wan talk again. I loved every part of this!!!

  3. I just love the first two lines, they really make so much sense, well done 4ran6!

  4. love this to pieces.
    @4ran6..thanks for sharing,you just made my day!

  5. i don dey happy like a drunk wey sama ten bottles of kai kai.good poem@4ra6

  6. If you ask why it has to be you,
    You’d age without a clue.

    Those are definitely my best lines 4ran6. You did good with this one.There’s something in it for everybody to take.

    Well done!!!

  7. Great piece. Good work with the rhymes.

  8. just strolling by…

  9. i have found love words cast like the Benin bronzes

  10. Absolutely love this….my fav part is
    “If you fail to be the best,
    Make sure you aren’t too far from the first”
    Well done!!

  11. The first couplet dragged me really in. I love it. Very very great poem.
    The only nits I see, IMHO- the slant: best/first.
    And the weak last couplet. I was expecting something better than the first. A punchline.

    But all in all, great!

    • Thanks, ur comment is really inspiring… Ur nit of best/first is noted, but d consonant cluster ‘st’ rhymes in both. I’d look for a way to throw in another couplet dat wld serve as d punchline, Great isn’t enough for me, wld try to go further. Thanks again, ur comment is really appreciated.

  12. @ADEWALE like i always say,…rhymes are of different kinds (check wikipedia) this couplet does rhyme for me

  13. nice rhymes…u pulled it off very well

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