Technically it is hard to describe me... i have been writing since my tenth birthday, I also have stopped more times than I can count. Now I am lawyer juggling a very busy life with my writing, I am forever striving to be better at it so i love constructive criticism...emphasis on constructive? lol! the intention is to go professional one day and don't let the pretty face fool u, trust me... u don't want to meet me in!

Oct 212010

He opened his eyes in surprise and upon seeing the weapons pointed at him, tried to invoke his great ability. The soldiers stood some distance away from him, petrified of [...]

Oct 112010

It was the dead of night. The sun had since set, taking the day with it. She hated the darkness  because she had an inexplicable fear of the dark. She [...]

Aug 212010

There are two tragedies in life, one is to lose your heart’s desire, and the other is to gain it- George Bernard Shaw There are staggeringly few situations where I [...]


Posted by Meena-Adekoya 186 views Fiction, Thriller
Aug 112010

It was raining outside…the constant drone on the zinc roof accompanied with the claps of thunder that shook the very walls of my house jerked me out of my light [...]

***before y’all start reading i beg in advance for forgiveness because of the length of this one, i needed to fit in as much info as possible and it could [...]

My alarm woke me up and I reached for it in the blinding darkness. The curtains were shut tight; my room was almost as dark as a tomb… knocked my [...]

Jun 212010

I was awake long before I opened my eyes; I knew I was alone here; I hung my head low, gauging the sounds around me. There was nothing, I let [...]

Jun 142010

I am growing steadily inside her, hiding my presence, my heart shy to beat. I hunger for the air she breathes. At first all I see around me is impregnable [...]

Jun 042010

You were the first child of your mother, the only child and she called you ima mi…her  heart, your first memories are of her hugging you tight, kissing your wet [...]

The room is silent now except for Tutu’s soft snore…I close my eyes for an instance, thinking of the bed in my dorm and a hot meal. Then I heard the sounds of approaching footsteps against the concrete floor. We were all awake again. The heavy metal door opened and one of the guards glanced inside as if to be sure we were still there. He pointed at me,

May 192010

I walked alone from the river with the calabash on my head, trudging slowly home. She said she needed the water urgently, come back quickly she said. Did she think [...]

Yin No More

Posted by Meena-Adekoya 49 views Poetry, Romance
May 112010

I am as I am No pretense no illusion I have loved no one more than thee, do you know that? My hearts unfaltering devotion to you and only you [...]

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